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Table top conformal coatings systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 16:31:09 EST 2012 | hegemon

Could be as simple as a pail full of UR coating and some wire hangars! Conformal coating is brushed on, sprayed on, and parts are dipped too, not to mention the wonderful vacuum process that is paralene. Gotta have a little more info as to your a

PCB Delamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 06:37:48 EDT 2012 | mosborne1

Definition: Pink Ring - A condition that can exist in multilayer printed circuit or wiring boards, in which the oxide around a through-hole inner layer interface is chemically removed, and there is a lack of adhesion of the inner layer to the dielec


Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 27 11:28:42 EST 2013 | mdang

Could anyone help to connect a FUJI CP42 machine to a conveyer with stanard SMEMA? CP42 has 2 wire cable and small female connector label SMEMA (Not fit with stanard SMEMA). Thank you for all your help, -Michael

DEK 248 squeegee error

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 23:08:41 EST 2013 | dekhead

Squeegee error on a 248 is strictly that sensor (reed SW) on corresponding (Front / rear) squeegee cylinder is not seeing a change in state... Either a physical obstruction preventing cylinder from exending fully - OR- if it is extending fully, then


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 22:57:31 EST 2013 | mdang

Hi Sr Tech, As you suggested, I tried with different AMP and it is display from 0 to 9 when I rotate the FRQ motor. I am going to replace the HPX-T1 AMP. Would you cut the wire or trace it to back to replace it? Thanks, -Michael

Electrovert omniflow 10 speed control fail

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 12:54:36 EDT 2013 | smtventasmex

Hi i working now on electrovert omniflow 10 tha deos not control the speed of the conveyor on the sofware, i did change the encoder but this ones continue failing, this fail start because we have a short cut on smemma wire, any one have experience wi

Solder paste consideration for quotation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 10 15:35:08 EDT 2013 | rgduval

In general, I've always considered solder paste a part of the overhead costs, along with wire solder, and other consumables utilized on the shop floor. It's a part of the cost of the assembly, but, I don't calculate it directly as a part of quotin

Testing for hard gold

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 31 13:19:38 EDT 2013 | anvil1021

Does anyone know how to test for hard gold on a PCB? We are in a challenging situation with a PCB provider and we need some objective evidence other than wire bond failure to present to them. Any comments could help ....Thank you Anvil

Fuji CP642 Hardware NG issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 16:58:00 EDT 2014 | jimmyboz

My first guess, loose wire or bad cable. Email me and I will send you a checklist.

Philips / Assembleon / Yamaha Topaz Xii start up issue - handshake error

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 18 02:43:37 EDT 2014 | tjbooc

CHECK IO BOARDS STATUS, CHECK HEAD IO 24VDC SUPPLY, CHECK 24VDC SUPPLY TERMINAL, CHECK WIRING CONNECTED TO HEAD IO I think this is an I/O communication problem. Fail in connecting to I/O cards.

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