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Rosin vs. Resin Flux

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 11:26:33 EDT 2007 | gsala

Tnks Patrick, additional infos..... we are just playng with different NC solder wires L-F, the best results in terms of solderability (faster solder flowing, holes filling up) it seams are coming from an ROM1, as we know, according to J-STD-004, or

PB and PB Free on same screen printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 14:56:27 EDT 2007 | chef

Thank you- my point exactly and it starts in SMT- operators pulling the wrong paste from the fridge, touch up using the wrong solder wire, etc. My solution- GET THE LEAD OUT!!!!! I'm a CM- high mix, low to medium volumes. No steady all day every day

Removing Markings from Devices

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 23:46:55 EDT 2008 | lellis

Revealing trade secrets to achieve what a company can do to make money is a "touchy" situation. Especially on a forum where people are asking for help. Our company has the capability to remove your markings, and reapply them in several techniques.

SN100C alloy positive and negatives

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 24 15:28:17 EST 2008 | edmentzer

We use SN100C for wave soldering and hand Lead free soldering and have had very good results. The wire cored solder for hand soldering flows good and makes very good solder joints. The SN100C in the wave solder machine also works very good. We use

Quad IVc Feeder Base Electrical

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 16 00:47:47 EST 2012 | ngineer

I have two new quad feeder bases and feeders (my machine came with none to start, and I can't find any electrical information on them. I have 4 pins at the each end (total of 4 connectors. And are in a 4 pin connector which looks identical to a sta

Quad QSP-2 Wild Erratic Behavior of Gantries

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 17:27:17 EST 2014 | bobpan

Does this happen with just 1 gantry? If so...I would think your encoder in that gantry/axis needs cleaned. I have seen digital i/o cards cause this issue. But usually you will notice this when opening and closing the doors. The head would sometimes

Re: Gold Finger Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 13 20:17:35 EST 1998 | Chuck Garth

I believe that gold fingers on my circuit boards are being contaminated and need to clean them with some chemical solution. Any recommendations. Chuck: What is the type and source of your contamination? Dave F We are using a s

Re: Reflow Profiling

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 27 13:04:47 EST 1998 | Phillip Hunter

Hi I have been conducting my first reflow profiles. Most of the texts that I have read suggest soldering the thermocouples to a populated pcb. I am finding this very difficult. I have been using a high melting point (Sn5 / Pb95) solder and the

Docu for PCT 395 bbl

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 10:53:11 EDT 1999 | Erhard Hofmann

We are looking for documentation on a PCT 395 bare board loader, manufactured 6/95. Since March 28 we are trying to get this docu from PCT but they "do not have the man power" to copy and send this docu right now. Can anyone help us? Wiring diagram,


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 19:16:53 EDT 1999 | Dreamsniper

Which among the two profiling method is more reliable/accurate in getting the oven thermal profile? a) using a HIGH-TEMP solder wire then soldering the thermocouples onto the profile points of the board (e.g. component lead etc.) b) not soldering t

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