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Use lead-free alloy wire during rework for Leaded Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 01 07:32:33 EST 2006 | davef

What you have run up against is the unfortunate consequence of the transition period from Sn-Pb to Pb-free. In the past 2-3 years there have been several studies highlighting the differences in reliability between mixed metal systems, Sn/Pb, and SAC

Wiring Schematic Softwares and error checking

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 19 12:22:55 EDT 2008 | operator

Are there any softwares OR functions inside of the softwares that allow a designer that is creating a very large complicated wiring diagram with say....many terminal blocks and connectors etc... to run a point to point check on his drawing? Bascially

Wire to board soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 08:30:31 EDT 2006 | dougs

It's hand solder, the wires are free issued, what i'm finding is that if we keep the heat and push enough solder into the joint that the component side wets there is that much solder moved up the wire that it goes solid. this is no good as the custo

Cosmo Injection Mouling Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 06:39:36 EST 2005 | teilo

We have recently purchased a second hand cosmo injection moulding machine 300-350 tonne. Serial No 3271 Model 2288/350 HI. We have managed to get manual from Hong Kong but we are having problems with the wiring does anyone know where we can get elect

Mydata MY9 - US to UK conversion

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 11:50:19 EST 2020 | paulanderson

An update. I managed to resolve the issue by wiring my own :) got a friend with a UK spec MY12 to take pics of the internal connections of theirs and then hard wired ours to match - worked perfectly. message me if you have a similar problem and I ca

BTU VIP70 3 Phase supply

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 13:38:35 EDT 2006 | ChrisG

Stephen has a good point. You could buy a used oven. I know of several used ones that are completely refurbished for about 15-25K. But these are BTU P-70's and P-98's. The main problem here is frequency. Most of their ovens operate at 50 or 60

BTU VIP70 3 Phase supply

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 03:56:44 EDT 2006 | slaine

hi I had a hunt round this morning and found all the schematic drawings for the vip70. Have you got a copy of them? where abouts in the uk are you im in Cumbria. drawing 5061617 appears to show some different wiring configerations, but im not sure if

IP1 Relay PCB, where is it???

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 05 15:40:05 EST 2006 | jdengler

What year is your machine and what year is your Electric Drawing? My machine is 1989 and so is my drawing. I do not have a SIP-1750 drawing. The IP went through several changes during its production so your machine may not match mine. The CON I/F

Box Build/ Wiring/ Terminal Blocks Assembly Drawings???

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 19 12:07:46 EDT 2008 | operator

I have alot of experience creating assembly drawings for SMT and THT products. However, we are now doing very large ,complicated box builds that have many terminal blocks, point to point and cable harnesses. It is my job to create these assembly doc

SMEMA to FUJI Interface

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 12 01:29:53 EDT 2009 | mika

Hi everybody, Can anybody out there help me with this? I have a Jot conveour with SMEMA interface and and I need to "hook up" this to a Fuji conveour (CP6). The electrical drawings of the SMEMA I alreday have (IPC-SMEMA-9851), but I am hoping for a

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