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Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 14 11:01:43 EDT 2020 | charliedci

Looking for someone who can perform die attach, wirebonding and gloptop services on small quantity of SMT assemblies in the US.


Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 04 23:42:31 EDT 2005 | juan2208

hi all, i have a question about the wirebonding That is under what circumstances that the ball bonding is used and under what circumstaces the wedge bonding is used? thanx advanced.


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 07 17:14:11 EDT 2005 | GS

finest pitch requires ball bonding (gold) GS


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 16:45:04 EDT 2005 | GS

PERFETTO Sorry Dave,I apologie for my mistake (I was confused) Regards........... GS


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 07:04:02 EDT 2005 | davef

Finer pitch: Wedge bonding can be designed and manufactured to very small dimensions, down to 50 mm pitch. Processing speed: Machine rotational movements make the overall speed of the wedge bonding process less than thermosonic ball bonding. Alumin

Wirebond issues near SM

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 08 11:33:16 EDT 2009 | cab

We are currently wirebonding MCMs with surface components located in very close proximity to wirebond pads, which are gold plated. We are ball bonding with 99.99% Au wire. Normally we do not have problems, however if product has been reflowed seve

Wirebond issues near SM

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 30 11:41:05 EST 2009 | sforman1

Ni is coming up through soft Au. Sam forman

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 18:17:15 EST 2002 | Chris

I don't have a plasma cleaner either. It will help a lot. Actually I don't clean at all. Our wirebond pads are far enough away so the flux residue does not get on the wirebond pads. That's what we think anyway. I am sure we have some degree of c

aluminium wire bonding on Electroless Nickel + Immersion gold

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 22:24:36 EDT 2001 | davef

Root around here http://www.kns.com/resources/library/lib-wirebonding.asp

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 17:03:44 EST 2002 | rob_thomas

We follow IPC-2221 recommendations for Au and don't have a problem as long as the Ni is under 150 microinches.This ensures a consistent process for us.Also we do plasma clean after SMt and prior to wirebond.That makes a big difference. Rob

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