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Pure Tin Quandry

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 05 21:48:05 EDT 2005 | KEN

bright tin has demonstrated remarkable reduction in wisker formation. Organic inoculations and plating thickness are two very important characteristics in wisker formation.

NASA-UA report

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 06 10:05:33 EDT 2011 | dougt

Toyota was looked at because of the problems they had, I was led to believe that the outcome was determined to be the petal size and location. If other auto manufacturers equipment was looked at I wonder if tin wiskering would be found? I think Toy

PCB Surface finish

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 15:57:36 EDT 2004 | pjc

Here are links to some good articles on tin wiskering: http://www.empf.org/empfasis/sept03/tinwisk1.htm http://www.empf.org/empfasis/oct03/tinwisk2.htm http://www.empf.org/empfasis/oct03/tin3.htm

Lead Free Component Finishes?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 11:10:22 EST 2004 | Wixon

Typically lead is plated with tin. One problem with using just tin plating is that you can grow "wiskers" over time, and potentially develop a short somewhere on your PCB. SMTA is giving a presentation on the effects of lead-free solderability.

Electrical shorts on glass frit seal of ceramic ICs

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 21:49:45 EDT 2005 | KEN

Tin wiskers Electro migration all in the same week! (just kill me now God)

BGA shorts that can't be found.

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 12 22:57:13 EDT 2003 | Dean

What is the surface finish of the PCB? Tin? Imersion Silver? What flux is used in wave solder and / or SMT? I have much experience with silver migration and tin wiskers. Both can disappear during a reqork cycle. Both can be extremely difficult

Immersion Tin

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 17:51:14 EDT 2006 | Don

Immersion tin, if it is being correctly identified, is not a final surface finish for a bare board. White tin is typically the way a finish is refered to. Either way tin has gotten a very bad reputation via a couple satellite failures because of tin

Select soldering of Galvanized shield

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 23 08:04:51 EDT 2015 | kris1128

Has anyone out there experienced selective soldering of a shield that is galvanized rather than tin plated? Our supplier is worried about tin wiskers with the bright tin finish. Soldering with SAC305 and a pretty weak no-clean flux. Sorry, I don't k

Pb-Free solder alloying with finish on components

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 09:49:39 EDT 2000 | galltp

Dr. Lee, We have seen a small decrease in shear strength for Pb/Sn plated components attached with Sn/Ag/Cu solder compared to components with a Pb-free finish. With the jump in the cost of Pd, we are struggling to define a practical Pb-free

ESD Protection - Hair

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 21:25:17 EDT 2012 | kahrpr

And that is where I see the problem. When companies have failures that are unexplained they blame ESD. It’s the scapegoat failure. And the industry through fear has us so paranoid We have companies worrying whether if your hair is 2 inches long or 3

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