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X-RAY inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 06:33:13 EDT 2020 | rontgen

This is Evan from Rontgen industries that's specialized in designing and building cost-effective X-ray and industrial CT inspection systems,anyone is interested in cooperating with us,please contact me email: chunjian.zhu@irontgen.com

X-ray inspection services

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 09:38:39 EDT 2004 | Danny

We are a small PCBA contract manufacturer based in Malaysia. Sometimes, our customers request us to provide X-ray inspection on BGAs. Due to our production mode is towards high-mix low-volume, it is a bit difficult justifying purchase of X-ray inspec

X ray inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 01 08:19:34 EDT 2015 | sankarseptember

Hi guys I am from India.We are using Yamaha X ray inspection machine. Is there any government statutory requirement for using this X ray machine?

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 08:05:47 EDT 2003 | pjc

What 2D inspection? Solder Paste deposition perhaps? Transmission X-ray?

Multilayer PCB X-ray inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 01 15:19:54 EDT 2010 | dilogic

We've got prototype 6-layer PCB's and I suspect that mfg. swapped some internal layers. Would it be possible to use some form of x-ray inspection to verify that? Any ideas?

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 25 12:15:18 EDT 2003 | chesterlowe

There are many complementary systems ie x-ray, etc that are utilized for these inspections. What is the ultimate goal and/or future needs for you? Cheers, Chester www.feinfocus.com

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 10:50:43 EDT 2003 | emeto

Pete I'm not very informed about it but from the things I red today - 2D inspection : solder component solder joints x-ray and what ever type exsist.

X-ray inspection of BGAs

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 14:38:24 EDT 2002 | Kathy Cramer

When using X-ray to inspect BGAs, what different types of defects are found, and where in the production process does each type of defect tend to occur?

X ray inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 04:55:54 EDT 2015 | akon63

Hiiiii The X36 Series encapsulates the most advanced development in x-ray imaging technology on the market with a full set of inspection tools, providing outstanding detection sensitivity for contamination detection and product integrity checks. V

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 15 08:38:23 EDT 2003 | pjc

Don't have any specific links to papers and articles. Try searching on the IPC.org (plus APEX show http://www.goapex.org) and SMTA.org web sites. Any papers and articles on the process from equipment mfg.'s should be taken with a grain of salt. Sold

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