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cold solder at flexible pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 21:06:48 EDT 2010 | ptpaazmi

COLD SOLDER LOCATION U600/U601 Problem : Several XMp3i Rotary swithes were found to exibit intermittent function during a DV build at WNC

cold solder at flexible pcb

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 20:15:27 EDT 2010 | davef

What is ... and how does it pertain? * Location U600/U601 * XMp3i Rotary swithes * DV build * WNC

Help needed to troubleshoot a KE2060 machine (location Ireland)

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 07 08:01:21 EDT 2020 | aurash

Thanks for the good advice - the UPS is fine (to be sure I disable it but the problem was still there) In the meantime we found the root cause - the XMP SyncNet card failed. We replaced it and it's all back in motion. Many thanks to all who had rep

Juki KE-2060R Axis Driver: Z4-axis failed originating.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 05 11:16:50 EDT 2021 | aurash

Not sure if you fixed the problem in the meantime but try to disable the Z4 head to see if the problem actually belongs to the 4th head. Sometimes a totally unrelated problem is manifesting on the head. (I had communication problems between the XMP c

Manual P&P experiences

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 13:28:25 EST 2007 | rfematt

We are looking for a Manual P&P machine. So far we have identified next systems: XMP-302D � Boir (KAR) LM901,902 � Fritsch SMTPlace 1000 � Manncorp FineLine � Manncorp (DMA) CAT-90SA � Advanced Techniques EXPERT-M,SA � ESSEMTEC The basic price rang


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