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3D xray

Electronics Forum | Wed May 30 17:21:25 EDT 2007 | troyboesch

Pretty much everybody does functional or system test at the end of a printed board assembly line. In-circuit or MDA test hits most complex boards. But, 3D xray is being pushed by Agilent, Teradyne, and TRI. No fixtures and a high call rate for sol

3D xray

Electronics Forum | Wed May 30 18:42:17 EDT 2007 | russ

I have heard this question before. My thoughts are: If it is inline and being used to monitor the assembly line as boards are produced it would be process related either engineering or Quality assurance /control. I do not think it would be process

3D xray

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 11:07:23 EDT 2007 | pjc

ICT and AXI are two different methods for MDA. ICT checks component values and polarity- component and circuit electrical testing while AXI checks solder joints- volume, voids, bridging, etc.... Typically, AXI is in the SMT process engineering and QA

Has anyone bought or used a Inspex xray system?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 07:44:22 EST 2010 | cot628

The company that I work for is looking for a reliable Xray machine. Has anyone bought or used an Inspex Xray system?

Has anyone bought or used a Inspex xray system?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 05 11:15:57 EST 2010 | rdubya

I've used phoenix x-ray for about 8 years with no issues. GE recently took over the x-ray division. worth looking into.

Has anyone bought or used a Inspex xray system?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 13:41:47 EST 2010 | mobytahoe

I would stick with either FocalSpot or Phoenix (GE). Both are excellent systems. FocalSpot has a new benchtop-style xray...perfect for SMT

Has anyone bought or used a Inspex xray system?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 10 16:19:23 EST 2010 | ssager

We just purchased a FocalSpot. For the price, I couldn't beat the options that were offered.

First piece PCBA validation

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 16:52:57 EDT 2011 | xray

Hi SSager, Check out the FA Inspector. It provides 1 Automatic Detection Mode and 2 Manual Inspection Modes. Its used to automate First Article Inspection Tasks and enhance today's principally manual process using microscopes and pen and paper. T

First Article Inspection, Lower End AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 16:31:02 EDT 2011 | xray

Hi, Besides the 2 machines mentioned which are part comparison machines that require the operator to provide a pass/fail on each ref id, there is a system called the FA Inspector which offers the mode described above and two additional modes: 1. Au

x-ray for qfp/plcc open

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 10 02:54:22 EST 2003 | sankar

Dear All, Can you advice on how to use X-Ray system to identify the QFP/PLCC pin open application. Whether at all X-Ray can be used for the above application. If so, what will be the false rejection of the X-Ray system. Regards Sankara narayanan ME

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