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Re: x,y digitizer and optical comparator

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 17:33:07 EST 2002 | Sheri Connor

Hi Dave, I wanted to make sure you have current contact information for us: ScanCAD International, Inc. PO Box 598 19181 Hwy 8 Morrison, CO 80465 Phone: 303.697.8888 Fax: 303.697.8580 Not only do we sell our scanning systems, we also have a Serv

Re: x,y digitizer and optical comparator

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 20:33:05 EST 1999 | Dave F

Michael: DIGITIZING BOARDS Yech!!! ScanCAD 303.986.7707fax7631 makes a Xerox copier-like thing to copy your board. But why not consider: 1 There are service bureaus that will scan and convert your boards. 2 Why don't you get the gerber data fr

Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | cyber_wolf |

Wed Aug 17 09:33:54 EDT 2011

warp and twist

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 23:05:02 EST 2017 | swestheimer

I have been asked a very good question but have not been able to find a good answer. IPC for both PCB and PCBA refer to the X & Y dimensions to measure warp and twist but how would you determine the warp and twist for a round PCB or PCBA?

Simultaneous pick up with 0402 and 0201 components

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 07:58:33 EDT 2016 | cyber_wolf

Darby, I'm not completely sure I understand. Juki machines have what is referred to as a multi-head. The offsets between the heads are the same as the spacing between 8mm feeders. So the (6) heads all come down at once and "gang pick" from 6 8mm fee

Tape and Reel

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 09 15:59:33 EDT 2002 | finepitch

stick/slope feeder is not an option? Erhan

Granite Surface and ESD

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 30 11:33:15 EST 2005 | russ

Doesn't covering a surface plate defeat the purpose?

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 01 04:01:33 EDT 2006 | ts

The PT200 at line converter able to optimize your program to balance the line.


Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 29 02:46:33 EDT 2006 | rogerw_tech

hi everyone what does ball grid array and pin grid array mean? thank

Circuit cam and mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 27 12:46:23 EDT 2020 | unisoft

Unisoft has been import gerber only for years to setup assembly, aoi machines, etc. *** Help for Importing GERBER only files for used in programming Assembly, AOI, Test, Selective Soldering machines (X/Y Center, Rot, Part#). Also allows you to cre

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