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Fuji CP6 Y-axis placement problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 24 22:46:53 EDT 2008 | crashoveride

Don't try the mecha check yet unless you know how. have you checked the coupling shaft of Y-axis? If it's ok, take a look at the ball screw if it looks like being scratched or something unusual. Also, observe the movement of the machine if you hear a

Mirae 1030 Y-Axis error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 02:39:21 EDT 2016 | epsltd

We have a Mirae 1030 and when the machine warms up the y-axis fails and we are unable to reset servos unless we leave machine powered down few hours. Now since we have changed servos after machine homes we jog the y-axis and it vibrates and very nois

Siemens Hs50 Y axis cannot find zero pulse

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 20:43:59 EST 2017 | youngbuck

Does anyone know if there is a way around replacing the entire y axis tape measure scale for one scratch in it ,it can't read.Ive changed reader, y axis servo cards, taxis reader card.Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.

YM-84 Error after power on: 243 Y-AXIS DRIFT ADJUSTMENT NO GOOD

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 24 10:41:40 EDT 2020 | phomann

Hi, This error popped up while running a panel through the machine. I put the machine into the Drift adjust mode and the y axis was drifting, but not smoothly like the X-Axis was. The Y-axis was drifting but not smoothly. It was more of a jerking mot

Problem with y-axis Yamaha84 SMT mounter

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 09:20:10 EDT 2005 | meritajs

Hi, We have problem with y-axis offset at YM84 After setting the ORIGIN machine operate exactly but after sometime y-axis recieves offset bis 5-10mm.After repeated setting ORIGIN Y-coordinat became exact. The same things take place if we operate in W

Fuji CP6 Y-axis placement problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 07:58:12 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

#1Run a Fuji gold board and see if the problem persist. Is your board clamp slipping? Fid camera tight? etc.. To see if you have a Y axis positioning problem: 1.Put the machine in mecha check 2.Go into Y-axis 3.Place a dial indicator so that the st

MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 07:19:38 EST 2003 | ghenning

Manually move the beam away from the limits with the power down. Be sure the beam is parallel (marks to help with this are on the Y-axis lead screw covers near the machine front) and then power up again. Good luck.

MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 17 00:13:46 EST 2003 | shawn

if george idea doesn't solve ur problem then it must either be the driver or the y-axis motor itself.try swaping the driver with other machines if u can afford it . good luck.keep me posted of the developments.

Assembleon Opal-XII y axis motors

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 04 20:29:56 EDT 2013 | saibot

We had that problem a few months ago with one of ours. Had to replace both y-axis motors and the tech said it's a common problem with the Opal-XII.

Contact System CS-400 E problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 16:30:46 EST 2004 | paul_bmc

I have one machine that I am having trouble getting the machine to recognize an offset. I keep getting the error, "When correcting Offset 1: Invalid offset, press 'esc". Does anyone know what I am doing wrong. On another machine I have I keep havi

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