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Zevatech Yahoo Canada users group

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 09:07:57 EDT 2005 | Proy

Go to yahoogroups.ca and search zevatech or send an email to zevatech@yahoogroups.ca PR

Zevatech 570L Replacement Control CPU - INTERESTED?????

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 10:30:30 EDT 2005 | davef

Pete Roy started zevatech@yahoogroups.ca as a Zevatech discussion forum

Zevatech Yahoo Canada users group

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 10:46:09 EDT 2005 | peterdroy

I have created a zevatech users group to help all of us using these machines, for tweaks and fixes or just locating buying trading selling parts and feeders etc Pete Send emails to the group at zevatech@yahoogroups.ca

Need help on selecting the SMT equipment for small volume

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 16:49:44 EDT 2005 | Pete Roy

We have two APS Gold ovens and are acheiving an accpetable Lead Free profile. We still have to further qualify board widths/sizes to determine what are limits are and still be within the profile we need. For the most part you need more zones/longer t

thru hole soldering and selective soldering needs

Software for SMT placement & AOI - Free Download.
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PCB Handling Machine with CE

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System - Mirtec MS-11
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