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Yamaha iPulse vs Assembleon MG1

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 19:43:38 EST 2023 | smtusa

How does the Yamaha iPulse line compare to the Assembleon MG1? My friends had amazing experience with the MG1 and prefer them. I have never seen an iPulse in person. The heads and software look very similar between the two machines. The M2 seems

Which (cheap / old) pick and place for 0402, 0.5mm FPC small line

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 20 10:54:14 EST 2022 | compit

Opal XII, MG-1 (and substitites from Yamaha available in Asia). Unlimited spare parts, cheap feeders, etc. MG-1 is faster, better for service (opinion of a friendly serviceman)

List of machines that use CL feeders?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 17:58:20 EDT 2022 | compit

Assembleon / Philips / Yamaha - Emerald, Emerald II, Topaz, Topaz II, MG-1 ..... and many other models from these companies.


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