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Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 08 19:06:32 EDT 2005 | Mika

Check the timing belt. I have running into a similar situation before. "1 notch of" of the timing belt can cause very strange behaviour of the machine. /Sincerly Ps. let us know your progress. Ds.

rating smt machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 28 22:00:45 EST 2006 | Sue Kim

Hi all, I am doing some research on SMT machines. I would like as many people as possible to rate the following machines 1-6. The number 1 would be the best, number 6, the least desirable of the 6. I realize that there are dozens of factors to con

DEK conveyor belt

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 15 03:17:47 EDT 2020 | wellmanrau

We have been producing the SMT machines and intelligent equipment for many years, integrated Design, R&D, Production, Sales and Technical Service. What products we manufactured are: SMT Printer/Stencil Printer/Solder Paste Printer, Pick and Place Mac

smt connector

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 24 16:53:44 EST 2002 | mikestringer

We place a similar square pin style of connector on one of our products. The connector is a 22mm high HW series from Samtek. We have a Yamaha YVL88 MK1 and YV88XS set up to handle them (Yes they are rebadged as Philips machines in some markets). No

Re: placement of 8 ml smt components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 11 09:30:30 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

| Heeeelllllp. | I am a sales rep. ( I know I know, you can't help me with that. ha ha.) Actually, I represent a company that fabricates PCBs and assembles them under the same roof. We are a small to moderate volume house that is just getting int

Yamaha YV84 P&P machine

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 04 11:20:15 EDT 2005 | Sam Ho

I want to know who is running the Yamaha YV84 pick & place machine in your SMT line now. Could you share your experience form using this machine. Thanks.

Yamaha YV84 P&P machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 06 11:36:47 EDT 2005 | Sam Ho

Base, Are you using this machine in your SMT line now? Could you like to share your experience to me. thanks

SMT machine Utilization

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 01 01:54:57 EDT 2001 | djarvis

Bayanbaru, We do ours like this. We don't care per se about machine utilization. The actuaries have figured out that the facility costs $X per minute to run, this includes wages, utilities, consumables, machine payments, depreciation and whatever els

where can I get cheaper used smt machines?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 13 03:35:16 EDT 2011 | kenthe

We currently are looking for used yamaha, juki machines,

where can I get cheaper used smt machines?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 13 23:32:17 EDT 2011 | lisalau

Hey sirs, We have Yamaha and Juki machines in stock for sale. What type do you need? Contact me freely if you have any interest! Thanks&best regards! Lisa

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