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repeatabilty and measurement for quality

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 14:22:57 EDT 2001 | davef

Is that why they call me a "ying-yang"?

Are there any alternatives to BIVAR?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 12:52:24 EDT 2022 | proceng1

I was able to find a few more crosses with KANG YANG.

repeatabilty and measurement for quality

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 12:00:35 EDT 2001 | mparker

....and now you have the YIN and Yang of it. Of course, Dave's perspective is just as valid as mine. By the way, I prefer Hearts over Solitaire!

PCBA shelf life

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 05 00:30:07 EST 2004 | Arthur Yang

Hi you there, Do you have any experience upon the shelf life of PCBA which passed 100 cycles of liquid to liquid thermal stress test, 125 to -35 centigrade for 15 minutes and 5 seconds of transfer time from 125 to -35 centigarde. Will apprecia

SAC305 Solder Balling

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 17 10:30:08 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Hi McGill, The straight ramp is "straight" from the manufacturers of the material. Using old process techniques from your old process materials no longer applies. We all miss the good old days, but it�s time to move on. Being of Asian descent, I t

Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 13:29:15 EDT 2006 | fastek

I agree Craig and I'm also not convinced DEK is really doing that well. I know they sell a ton of printers into Asia at around a 30%-40% discount to what they sell them anywhere else. A classic case of grabbing market share at the expense of profitab

Patented Leadless, Fluxless Solder Alloy join different material

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 00:22:07 EST 2011 | yangloh

Dear Industry experts, We have just developed a leadless, fluxless solder that can join various metals ) Al, Cu, brass, Steel, stainless and Titanium) and Ceramics ( Ruby, Quartz, Sapphires, glass, TiO2, etc) We intend to explore electronics and

SMT Machine preference

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 12:44:46 EDT 2016 | cyber_wolf

"and most importantly inexpensive" Define inexpensive... I always get fired up about "expensive" Expensive compared to what is my question ? A car? a house? If you want what you are speaking of, you will be spending some coin. If you want, semi r

Are there any alternatives to BIVAR?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 27 20:32:46 EDT 2022 | kumarb

Absolutely..there are many suppliers of this common widget. Here are some names - we use (have met each in HK / Taipei): The 800-lb gorilla / leader of this industry: http://www.kangyang.com.tw But we found Judy (Yazhoulong) to offer the best p


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