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The part of sloder become to yellowish

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 29 03:32:19 EDT 2014 | cmchoue

The solder in MB become to yellowish after thermal test (100 oC/12HR) I think the problem that is flux residue and I really want to know the principle that why it color change Thanks!!

PCB becomes darken (yellownish)

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 23 08:43:32 EDT 2008 | davef

Ugh, there are more reasons that immersion silver [IAg] to go yellowish than pigs at the county fair. That aside, sulphur is one of the reasons, as you say. The sulphur can be from a variety of sources, such as: * Pollution in the air * Ill advised p

PCB immersion silver discolouration

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 20 07:11:28 EDT 2008 | Sean

Hello All, I used to hear that PCB with immersion silver finishing, its non component location pads, tend to be discolour (Yellowish) after went through heat cycle, such as reflow oven. However, if the component solderbility on the PCB is OK, can w

PCB cosmetic reject after reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 22:51:39 EDT 2005 | plcc

Hi Davef, The whole laminate turns yellowish.

Components Turn Yellowish!

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 07:10:44 EDT 2005 | davef

We see this after exceeding the maximum temperature of the component.

PCB becomes darken (yellownish)

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 03 11:42:21 EDT 2008 | robinj

If the tarnish is really dark, it is very difficult to remove. Since it is yellowish it is only in the early stages. Replating will definitely work. I have used sulfuric acid based cleaners to remove this yellowish color. But rinse well and dry quick


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 28 07:57:58 EDT 2006 | cpm

Hi, Expert, Currently, I'm facing a very critical problem on my HAL leadfree finishing PCBs at my customer end. We run the HAL leadfree (Tin, cu and ni) board by using HAL leadfree machine (temperature about 270 deg.C) and go for normal water post c

Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 01:50:17 EDT 2001 | mugen

We gave standing order, if its past the expiry date, ditch the can/jar, get a new can/jar.... Visual confirmation, for previously open & recycle can/jar, if you see seperation, of yellowish flux floating above, goolie grey much beneath, then ditch i

Metal Sheet

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 03:24:53 EDT 2004 | Andrew

Can someone explain why there is yellowish spot at the area the metal is stressed(drilled,bend area)?How the supplier resolve this problem?

PCB cosmetic reject after reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 05:43:09 EDT 2005 | plcc

Does anyone come across the problem of pcb turns yellowish color after going thru' reflow under ROsH condition?

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