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X-Ray inspection system w/ X- ray SMD component counter

Electronics Forum | Fri May 01 14:54:12 EDT 2020 | capse

Disclaimer, I'm a VJ Electronic Rep. The VJ Electronix XQuik II is an x-ray parts counter. You can load a PCBA into the system and capture an x-ray image. The system has zoom functionality. But, you will not get the type of measurement and inspection

Used X-ray is hunted! VJ-1000 is good candiate

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 20:32:39 EDT 2002 | YH Shiau

We look for a real-time X-ray machine with 90~100KV power to do the BGA/ FCCSP assmebly inspection. The key role for this x-ray will be defined as process control tool and PCBA level FA. VJ-1000 from VJ Electrnix is kind suitable for our needs. D

X-Ray Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Thu May 19 07:08:31 EDT 2005 | py

we have a VJ Electronics 1000 LP not bad..

Nicolet X-ray

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 09:29:53 EDT 2006 | cuculi54986@yahoo.com

I don't know anything about your machine, except that Nicolet was purchased by VJ Electronix. I contacted VJ about another model of Nicolet X-ray machine, and Rick (978-425-9446 ext. 1251) gave me some good information. He's a former employee of

Looking for X-ray component counter

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 16:05:34 EDT 2021 | Katie Marzocchi

VJ Electronix has some great counters and the pricing is competitive. There's great info and datasheets here. https://www.vjelectronix.com/smt-inventory-management-with-x-ray-component-counting/

Used X-ray is hunted! VJ-1000 is good candiate

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 05 14:00:11 EDT 2002 | pizzafred

Yes, VJ is a good product. However, there are so many others... Feinfocus, Phoenix, XTek. In this market call all of them and make sure that you buy on the technical spec to your need! T

Used X-ray is hunted! VJ-1000 is good candiate

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 21:50:49 EDT 2002 | davef

Interesting dilemma. This is a forum for solving technical problems and whining about issues that no one else cares about. ;-) Consider: * Taking your search to the SMTnet 'Marketplace' [it's in that blue bar across / near the top of the page]. *

X-Ray Parts Counting

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 08 14:00:53 EST 2020 | scotceltic

At my last company we used the VJ Electronix XQuik II counter. Worked well. Main reason we chose was it automatically updated the counts to our inventory system Bartector. http://www.us-tech.com/RelId/1707767/ISvars/default/VJ_Electronix_Adds_Comp

Users opinion of V J Technology X Ray machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 12:57:00 EDT 2002 | dragonslayr

Anybody use the VJ- 1000- LP? Pros and cons? Comparable to Nicolet, conceptronics, Lixi, Glen Brook?

X-ray inspection services

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 09:49:58 EDT 2004 | davef

We know of no such service provider in Malaysia. Consider contacting major xray equipment suppliers [eg, Glenbrook. V.J. ElectroniX, Agilent, Teradyne, etc] to determine: * Service suppliers in your region. * Terms that they offer in providing xray

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