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YesTech YTV-1000 AOI issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 14:10:55 EDT 2018 | jdengler

Could they be on the wrong axis from what they are configured for (X and Y swapped)? Jerry

YesTech YTV-1000 AOI issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 09:14:17 EDT 2018 | jeffallen662

Hey I'm having some issues with a YesTech YTV-1000 AOI machine. The machine isn't recognizing the X and the Y stepper motors. As far as we can tell nothing mechanical is wrong with the AOI. They are new motors and were suppose to have been programmed

YesTech YTV-1000 AOI issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 15:06:03 EDT 2018 | jeffallen662

They where bought directly from YesTech and were guaranteed to be programmed from YesTech.

Yestech YTV-2050 AOI

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 09:54:16 EDT 2004 | smtpro

I had a few questions if anyone is using this machine. We will have one in soon to try out. Does the machine pick up defects well or does it give a lot of false failures and pass up actual defects? How difficult is it to setup a reliable program? Tha

3-D Solder Paste Inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 11 14:05:28 EDT 2008 | devgru

We use our YESTech YTV-F1 for our 2D solder paste inspection and it works very good for us.

Landrex Optima II AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 23:12:14 EST 2008 | edmaya33

We are little bit interested with the Yestech YTV-F1 series machine. We are using Landrex AOI eversince ( formerly Teradyne ), the OPTIMA II-7301. How about the price? the OPTIMA-II cost about $97K including the repair station.

aoi programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 18:03:56 EDT 2018 | spikesnpearls

hello i am a new aoi programmer and i was wondering how to choose/change what type of lighting it uses while scanning the board.i use a yestech ytv-fx

YesTech YTV-1000 AOI issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 10:48:29 EDT 2018 | dleeper

I'm going off fuzzy memories for a YTV-2000 but its probably not too different for the 1000... The motor drivers need to be configured for the specific axis they are driving. This should have been done by Yestech before they shipped them to you. If

YesTech doubling lens installation

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 30 12:16:28 EDT 2011 | tomattek

Our company would like to be able to inspect 0201 parts using our YesTech YTV 2050. To do this, we have purchased a doubling lens from YesTech that attaches to our top camera. The problem is, we bought our YesTech used from another CM, not from Yes

Looking for opinions on YesTech YTV-1000 AOI Inspection Systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 27 10:22:59 EDT 2009 | dwl

We have an opportunity to purchase a Yestech YTV-1000 AOI machine. I am looking for opinions on how well they work and how they compare to the newer Yestech B3 AOI systems. We are a high mix, low volume EMS company. We do not currently have any exp

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