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Determining appropriate FPY goals?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 12:38:56 EDT 2003 | mrulien

We have CM's that manufacture products and have established global FPY goals (across all products). My question is, how can I determine if the established goals are appropriate to meet my final quality expecations (at the customer)? Are there indus

World Class First Time Yield

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 21 23:17:54 EST 2003 | johnwnz

The SMART Group in the UK have a project that's been going for almost a year now where they are collating the PPM results for a range of companies and PCB complexities & publishing the averages as a bench mark for memebers. I hear that NEMI are now l

PC Assembly of 0.5mm pitch array Chip Scale Package with HASL fi

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 18 23:44:53 EST 2003 | Dean

...don't expect high yields with hasl on that device. Yeah, you an do it. But not reliably. Also, factor in board warp, bump tolerance AND HASL variation....recipe for disaster. can your process toleate a selective gold on the one device? How ab

Supplier Rating PPM/DPMO

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 28 10:14:03 EST 2004 | danielinsa

All � I am trying to change my rating method for end item assemblies provided by my CM. I am currently using a simple yield method based on total PCBA�s received vs PCBA�s rejected. I have considered PPM but am leery due to the high mix rate and fluc

Dispensing Paste for 0201-0402 uBGA devices?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 19:40:29 EDT 2004 | Deon Nungaray

Quick question for you Netters out there: Anyone out there dispense solder paste (via automated dispenser) for 0402, 0201 and/or uBGA's? If so, success yields, equipment used, and any technical info would be appreciated. This is for a low volume app

Inspection criteria on PIH parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 17:16:13 EDT 2004 | Richard

Can anyone comment on inspection criteria for PIH applications. I'm of the opinion that the inspection criteria used for wave soldered joints should be used for PIH. Some colleagues believe that a bottom side fillet is not necessary since the solde

Drinking Water In Production

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 07 21:36:20 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, We had quite a bit of problems when we allowed popcorn onto the shop floor, so we changed to M&M's but the problems persisted. We changed our operator feeding process over to KFC, and ever since there has been a dramatic improvement in productio

0.5 mm pitch BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 06:06:04 EST 2005 | Guest

I'm looking for recommendations on pad and stencil design for products with 0.5 mm pitch BGA's. The latest info that I found in the archives of this forum dated more than a year ago. It didn't give me much confidence that assembly of such components

Double Sided Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 09:30:59 EST 2005 | John S

We are moving into using fine pitch components in a double sided reflow process. In one of our test runs, we noted that some of the QFP's would move while reflowed on the bottom on the second pass and become defective. Is this being done widely wit

A Meaty one for you clever guys in production

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 12:45:09 EDT 2005 | timekey

John- Although we don't produce "production simulation" software what we do produce will help you achieve better yields and throughput. Our software monitors the placement accuracy on Fuji placement equipment. "Optimization" and "production simula

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