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First Pass Yield

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 13 10:33:08 EST 2008 | evtimov

Hello everyone, can you tell me hoe you define your first pass yield? In my company it seems that it goes wrong: 1. smt 2. Repair 3. Wave 4. Test(some repairs) 5. FPY Somehow it looks wrong to me. Should it be separately for all processes or it sh

Looking for some help with Samtec SEAM-GP mounting

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 28 18:58:05 EDT 2014 | rangarajd

You might want to consider using a stepped stencil. We have tried using a 5 mils with an increased aperture size to compensate for the lost solder volume, if you were to use a 6 mils. While the yield was good, we'd still get random opens. With a 6 m

Multi Layer PCB Fallout rate

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 17 13:02:03 EST 2016 | comatose

The layer count itself isn't going to be what drives yields. What is the trace/space? How much annular ring for vias did you give them to play with? Class 2 or class 3? What's the worst hole aspect ratio? Controlled impedance? The closer you run to y

Defect Rate Measurement Technique

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 05 02:32:14 EDT 1999 | Vinesh Gandhi

Dear All, We are a medium sized Electronic manufacturing company manufacturing computer motherboards and Telecommunication products. We have a big debate going on within our company regarding the defect rate measurement technique. At present we

Yield on 0402 SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 02 16:49:14 EST 2007 | dyoungquist

I am looking for data on the yield of printed circuit board assemblies so that I can judge if our SMT line is performing up to typical industry standards. Following I will describe the details of the assembly and what our yield has been. Each board

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 12:05:42 EDT 2001 | mparker

The advantage of DPMO is that the numbers used are PPM, (Part Per Million), rather than percentage. Percentage can distort, depending on volume. For instance, 100 units processed, 25 defects found = 75 percent yield. 4 units processed, 1 defect found

ENIG poor wetting

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 31 08:23:49 EDT 2002 | mcm4me

221C). 2D vision can very effectively detect % pad coverage, I use it on my DEK and this customer has an MPM which I also believe to be capable. Here is another fact, when the customer uses Brand X solder paste the defects due to what they call pad

BGA Voiding for RoHS

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 13 06:56:37 EST 2009 | CL

Good Morning, The customer is looking for void free connections. They had never specified an acceptable percentage. We are reacting to the test yield. Our yield has averaged 50%. We do not test the product so we rely on feeback from the customer. Us

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 08:29:28 EDT 2012 | cobham1

The process is currently being performed by hand. I am trying to automate the process by switching to pick and place equipment and using AOI. Problem number one is getting my customer to sign off on switching from hand assembly to machine assembly.

Have any paper or data talking about "BGA Stencil design guideline for avoid bridge"?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 11:24:56 EDT 2018 | davef

pdf "BGA Stencil design guideline for avoid bridge" As you would expect, Google found 40,000+ results in less than a second One of my favorites was Power Point Presentation by Greg Smith [gsmithATfctassembly.com] at FCT Assembly: "Improve SMT Assem

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