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Multi Layer PCB Fallout rate

Feb 17, 2016 | The layer count itself isn't going to be what drives yields. What is the trace/space? How much annul

What is a typical SMT placement defect rate?

Jul 10, 2014 | I think what you are asking for is called First Pass Yield and for us that is in the upper 90s. It w

Tin-Bismuth Eutectic

Dec 10, 2011 |

SMT Heal Issue

Jul 28, 2011 |

Batch cleaner

Aug 30, 2010 | So let's see, Cost of Ownership = [[Equipment cost + Setup]+[Operating costs]] / [Yield*Throughput*U

PCB Warp Issues

Jul 20, 2010 |

BGA Voiding for RoHS

Nov 13, 2009 |

Board wave soldering

May 17, 2008 |

3-D Solder Paste Inspection

Mar 20, 2008 | We have good experience with Koh Young paste measuring equipment. Our yield has increased a lot sinc

LGA stencil parameters

Mar 4, 2008 |

Selective Soldering Equipment

Dec 5, 2007 | To be successful, and to yield quality products off any selective solder systems out there on the ma

BGA Failure Rate?

Jan 3, 2007 |

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 29, 2006 |

Lead-free PCB: After Effect

Aug 21, 2006 | How does it effect the fabricators' manufacturing yields and efficiencies? And reliability of the fa

pcb machinery

Aug 7, 2006 |


Jun 23, 2006 | Sounds like we're going to get questions on how to improve yields on QFP, eh?

Flux Compatibility Issues....

Jun 9, 2006 | That's easy I let the final yields speak for themselves. Now your all professionals? OK, then wh

AMD L60 pick&place

Jan 9, 2006 | I was wondering if anyone was using this machine to place 0402's and what type of 1st pass yield you

Reflow issues with leaded paste and mixed components

Nov 10, 2005 | Hello, I am currently trying to isolate internal fallout problems with very low yield substrates mi

SMT Tape Splicer

Nov 2, 2005 | Now, make this technical. How will this improve yield by 20%?

SMT Tape Splicer

Nov 2, 2005 |

Double Sided Reflow

Mar 17, 2005 |

0.5 mm pitch BGA

Feb 28, 2005 |


Jan 13, 2005 | That company is now Yes Tech. (Yield Enhancement Solutions) Web page is WWW.YESTECHINC.COM 1317

BGA Soldering

Nov 1, 2004 |

SMT on rig-flex and multi-flex boards

Oct 22, 2004 | Hi Christina, What would you be basing the yields off of? Is it solder defect, component placemen

SMT on rig-flex and multi-flex boards

Oct 22, 2004 | Is there anyone who knows the yield rate difference for SMT on multi-flex boards and rig-flex boards

BGA rework

May 6, 2004 | SUMMIT 750. My yield is 75%-98%. And they all depend on the pad design, stencil, paste, operator, th

BGA rework

Mar 19, 2004 | Vijay: If you are still having difficulty or are frustrated with your yields try http://www.solder.

Supplier Rating PPM/DPMO

Jan 28, 2004 |

fluid dispensing pumps for integration

flying probe test services