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placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 13:21:42 EST 2006 | Frank

Are those stick feeders made from Component Express? They look and operate very similar to their feeders.

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 17 14:55:36 EST 2006 | Mity-C

Jobbie, We are also not using the Mydata forks for the vibe feeders. We take a tube for the vibe component and cut a pick pocket. We use the back of the forks as stops. This has eliminated many of the pick problems from the vibes. Good Luck Chris

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 05:59:38 EST 2006 | jobbie

Hi everyone, New to the forum and have a question. How many cph are others getting? We are small sub-contract firm and are running Mydata my12 with hydra, but not agilis feeders. We tend to do small batches (upto 100 circuits), high mix from 0402 to

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 11:10:31 EST 2006 | jax

It sounds like you are getting CPH numbers without taking into acount Machine utilization and efficiency. By doing that you can overlook what the real problems are. First find your utilization numbers... available machine run time with respect to th

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 11:54:53 EST 2006 | jobbie

Hi jax Have checked actual assemby time against machine up time and have a figure of 5440cph which seems to be ok from what others are saying. Its just the utilization that i need to sort but this is difficult with the resources/restrictions that i

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 09:10:27 EST 2006 | gregp

To everyone who hates vibe feeders, Follow this link--http://www.contactsystems.com/C5.htm Scroll down and click on the video clip that says stick feeders. Yes, I work for Contact System--but this is such a great solution for tube parts. I consider

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 12:20:31 EST 2006 | gregp

As far as I recall the Component Express is a copy of a prototype we showed around trade shows about 5 or 6 years ago. In the case of the Component Exress feeder basically you stick an air tube in the back of a stick. It is in no way comparable to

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 06:37:07 EST 2006 | Mity-C

Good Morning jobbie, We have several Mydata lines. We are building low volume high mix as well. Our CPH had been identified as approximately 6000-8000 CPH depending on the application of course. We do have a separate setup area however that stages a

placements per hour

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 17 17:23:11 EST 2006 | grantp

Hi, One think we always hated when running MYDATA was the vib feeder, and we had no end of problems. The supplier told us most people angled the component tubes up, however then the vib settings change between when the tubes full, and mostly empty.

Fuji CP - 6 Placement per hour

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 22:33:52 EDT 2004 | Honorio Crespo

I will like to compare my average component placement per hour on a Fuji CP-6 versus other companies using the same machine. Can you share with me your average? Thanks, Honorio

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