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Profiling board

Electronics Forum | Fri May 24 11:24:11 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Pete C, Cyber wolf and JohnW...cheers man...excellent input. But I 'm eager to try the method mentioned by Cyber wolf..sounds very convincing. Let see what is the results later. thanx again and have a nice weekend. /yngwie


Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 28 22:16:39 EDT 2002 | yngwie

The supplier said : no impact on the quality/elec. characteristic- this comes with a huge cost saving. As an Engineer, I would not take things for granted, I will have to verify the statement.In other words, I don't trust salesman. rgds,yngwie

via in Pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 17 10:01:56 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Thanx for the proposal...but Dave I'm not able to link to PCD's Sites past issues 11/98, that you were suggesting. Is there anyway that I can get a copy of the said articles ? Appreciate your help and thank you in advance... cheers.. yngwie


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 27 08:48:08 EDT 2002 | yngwie

I was approached by the comp. suplier to change the capacitors that I currently used. No change in elect. charateristic, but only on : a) change of palladium to nickel base inner electrode b) outer electrode material i.e. from silver to copper. Que

Solder paste softener

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 18 19:27:29 EDT 2003 | yngwie

Under web search you type solder paste softener. It is meant to replace manual stiring process of solder paste prior use. I heard that the spinner/softener is no use as it will seperate the flux and metal content during the spinning process. But, I h

Selective wave selection

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 06 07:44:26 EST 2002 | yngwie

Dave, thanx for your input. Its really helps. Just need some clarifications on : 1) Consider evaluating chimney versus programmable / conveyored machines separately. Question: is there any disadvantages of the programmble/conveyored vs chimney ?

PCb vacuum seal puncture

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 12:05:19 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Experts, Today I received PCB in a punctured vacuum seal bag. the Humidity indicator change the colour to pink at 60%RH mark. The brd finish is Entek. Earlier our intention to get the board vacuum seal is because we want to ensure that the is no fr

Profiling board

Electronics Forum | Thu May 23 11:23:47 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Hi guys... Has anybody hv an experience with using a common or standard profile to reflow high mix brd ( say, low, medium and high )?. The reason for asking is that, we are running high mix low volume, and materials that were consigned is exactly as

via in Pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 17 00:40:39 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Hi all Experts, Desperately need your help on the following questions on Via in Pad and want to understand each of them wrt : - complete Via in pad - partial encroachment - via partially in pad 1) What is the general feel for via in pad for upcom

Via in Pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 06:18:55 EDT 2002 | yngwie

Here's a long survey....Pls help. 1) What is the general feel for via in pad for upcoming designs? - complete Via in pad - partial encroachment - via partially in pad 2) What are the manufacturing bare PCB's related concerns, issues and possible dr

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