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Converting 8040 Turn conveyor to LEFT turn

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 10:52:19 EST 2008 | kbhatia

R SMT line flow to a R->L flow after the 90 degree turn. We have some equipment that is R->L and wish to interface to the end of this line. So the flow is oven (with enough air blowers that the 8040 is cool) -> 8040 turnstyle to move LEFT (technicall

Re: Modification of Fuji machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 28 02:03:18 EST 1998 | Erhard Hofmann

| | | We currently using the Panasert SMT machine where PCB flow | | | direction were from right to left, & we are planning to move | | | in the FUJI -CP3 & CP4-2 in line where standard PCB | | | flow direction were left to right. | | | Any comment o

component aherence force on the solder paste before reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 03 08:14:49 EDT 2001 | Stefan Witte

If you hold your board sideways in a 90 degree angle you apply a force of 1 g to your components. 1 g translates into 32 ft / sec. square. This is not too much acceleration for fearless roller coaster drivers but Melf�s and Tantalums can fall off at


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