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QUAD 4C T axis

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 07:28:04 EDT 2008 | leemeyer

This sounds like a Quadalign problem. Upon startup the Quadalign system checks runout of the Z-rod and tries to find the tip of the nozzle. It will keep lowering the Z-rod and looking for the tip until it hits it's limit. Check and see if the Quadali

Quad keeps bending Z-Rods.

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 14 08:14:07 EST 2015 | ahanna

We have a Quad 4000c refurbished from PPM. I have worked with quads for many years and this one seems to bend Z-Rods more than usual. In the past few months we have gone through nearly 10 Z-Rods. This is getting expensive. This is happening during pr

Quad 4C MK2, Z axis drift

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 06:12:32 EDT 2015 | bobpan

The first thing to do is to change the z-rod. Sometimes a very old z-rod spring will weaken causing it to reject many parts. If it only rejects parts after a nozzle change....you may need to put some super lube grease on the O-rings on the bottom of

Quad 3c/4c Z-Rod Precautions

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 20 16:24:19 EDT 2006 | bobpan

Larry, I would suggest not changing mod-codes on a machine that you dont know very well and that should solve the damaged z-rod problem. What you should do is get someone into your company to train you on the basic's of operating the machine. The $22

Quad QSV-1 randomly destroying Z-rods

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 05:09:41 EDT 2014 | col_d

We're having an intermittent fault with a QSV-1 where it will on occasions oscillate violently during a run and this usually results in 1 or both Z-rods being destroyed, along with the nozzle currently fitted. This has been on and off for the last 2

Need Quad IVC Help

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 14 09:24:38 EST 2005 | Steve C.

Also check the z-rod and make sure it is not compressed.

Need Quad IVC Help

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 14 09:57:06 EST 2005 | Micheal

z-rod is in very good condition.

Quad 3c/4c Z-Rod Precautions

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 20 15:25:15 EDT 2006 | lheiss

Hey All, Thanks for all of your help to date. While running the nozzle height test I noticed that the Z-rod is bent. Probably happened after setting the "X closed loop soft home" back to 50 from 384 which was probably why the nozzle slammed into t

Quad 3c/4c Z-Rod Precautions

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 21 14:15:09 EDT 2006 | lheiss

A list would be great. Thanks, Larry lheiss@speastech.com

Quad 3c/4c Z-Rod Precautions

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 21 08:06:15 EDT 2006 | bobpan

I think 365 is ok. You should check and make sure the z-rod's spring is ok. Just make sure it is not sticking. Dont waste your money on the pm. If you want a complete list of things to do.....leave an e-mail address and i can e-mail you a list.

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