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Zevatech FM720 offline programming

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 22:16:24 EDT 2005 | hottipmfg

Hi, I'm new to this field. I'm looking for a third party software that can program the Zevatech FM720 Pick&Place machine. I know ScanCad provides service for this machine. Any knowledge to a reasonable cost software is appreciate very much. //Andrew

ERROR Message E7216 w/Zevatech FM720..... Need help

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 13:57:26 EDT 2005 | brath

During BOC Align, this error message came up "E7216" Vision System Transmission This problem came up before about a month ago, and now it came back.... Appreciate anyones feedback back on how to rectify this problem..... Thanks Ab

Zevatech FM720 offline programming

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 05 02:19:51 EDT 2005 | Frank

Call your local Juki sales rep. The Zevatech machines are really relabelled Juki machines. The Juki software is called EPU and it maintains a database of your part numbers, as well as, assigning feeder locations in optimal positions. Also look int


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