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Manufacturer of precision ultrasonic spraying systems for a myriad of applications. Our patented technologies produce micron size uniform droplets, creating ultra thin layers onto any size or shape substrate.

Milton, New York, USA

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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Adapting Wave Soldering to High-Flexibility Manufacturing

Feb 05, 2019 | Bennett Bruntil, VP, Sono-Tek Corp

SonoFlux Servo with InSight automated board recognition system helps PCB manufacturers take steps toward greater automation and traceability and the goal of Industry 4.0....

Coating Drug-eluting Arterial Stents Using Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles

Feb 04, 2009 | Harvey L. Berger

One proven method used to treat clogged arteries employs tubular, mesh-like metal structures, known as stents, inserted into an affected artery to relieve the blockage. Bare metal stents often cause a condition called restinosis, the buildup of scar tissue around the stent, causing re-blockage. To counter this, polymer coatings containing drugs that are released over time are used to inhibit restinosis. Applying coatings to stents, which have intricate geometries, is challenging. Using ultrasonic atomizing spray nozzles has proven effective in achieving continuous and uniform coatings. This paper describes the unique nozzle designs employed, the methodology used, and the results obtained....

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