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Mycronic, formerly MYDATA, is the key manufacturer of assembly machine for electronics. Our product portfolio contains Pick&Place machines, Jet-printing machines and component storage towers.

Täby, Sweden


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Robust Reliability Testing For Drop-on-Demand Jet Printing

Mar 19, 2020 | Gustaf Mårtensson, Patrik Mirzai

In this study, the question was how to perform statistically reliable robust- ness tests for the non-contact drop-on-demand printing of functional fluids, such as solder paste and conductive adhesives. The goal of this study was to develop a general method for hypothesis testing when robustness tests are performed. The main problem was to determine if there was a statistical difference between two means or proportions of jet printing devices. In this study, an example of jetting quality variation was used when comparing two jet printing ejector types that differ slightly in design. We wanted to understand if the difference in ejector design can impact jetting quality by performing robustness tests. and thus answer the question, "Can jetting differences be seen between ejector design 1 and design 2"?...

Jetting of Isotropic Conductive Adhesives with Silver Coated Polymer Particles

Dec 26, 2018 | Gustaf Mårtensson

The development of novel interconnection materials for production of electronics is of considerable interest to fulfill increasing demands on interconnect reliability in increasingly demanding environments with respect to temperature extremes, mechanical stresses and/or production limitations. Adhesives are playing an increasingly significant role in the continuously evolving electronics industry. (...)

Specific applications will be presented that highlight the feasibility of the technology with respect to conductivity, structural reliability and lifetime standards. The deposition of the novel ICA has been performed using a jet printing technology to ensure both precise and accurate positioning, size and volume delivery....

Jetting Strategies for mBGAs a question of give and take...

Apr 02, 2015 | Gustaf Mårtensson; BioNano Systems Laboratory, MC2, Petter Svensson, Thomas Kurian; Micronic Mydata AB

The demands on volume delivery and positioning accuracy for solder paste deposits are increasing as the size and complexity of circuits continue to develop in the electronics industry. According to the iNEMI 2013 placement accuracy for these kinds of components will reach 6 sigma placement accuracy in X and Y of 30 um by 2023.

This study attempts to understand the dependencies on piezo actuation pulse profile on jetting deposit quality, especially focused on positioning, satellites and shape. The correlation of deposit diameter and positioning deviation as a function of piezo actuation profile shows that positioning error for deposits increase almost monotonically with decreasing droplet volume irrespective of the piezo-actuation profile. The trends for shape and satellite levels are not as clear and demand further study. ...

Tackling SMT Enemy Number One - Raising The Standard of Solder Paste Application

May 14, 2009 | MYDATA automation

Is screen printing technology able to keep pace with rising quality demands and increasingly complex board layouts? Or, is new jet printing technology ready to fill the gap? A comparison study between the two methods reveals some interesting differences. Screen printers offer some possibilities for optimizing solder paste deposits, but optimization is far easier and quicker with the jet printer. At the same time, the ability to print individualized deposits on every single pcb pad may be the ultimate answer to the growing quality challenge....

Startling Results From Reliability Testing

Mar 13, 2009 | Lars Wallin, Project Manager Live Production Events at EP shows at the Stockholm Fair IPC European Representative.

Open product reliability testing in Stockholm, Sweden in January as part of a live production event generated some quite startling results. It was apparent that many components simply cannot handle the high reflow temperatures of a lead-free soldering process, and that many surface-mount machine suppliers are battling significant problems with QFN packages and other components that are mounting edgeways (bill boarding). However, some suppliers have achieved good results....

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