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Trace Laboratories

An internationally accredited, full service testing and analysis company providing design studies, failure analyses, product/material qualifications, safety inspections, and consulting services

Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA

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Counterfeit Electronic Components: Understanding the Risk

Mar 08, 2012 | John M. Radman, Renee J. Michalkiewicz and Daniel D. Phillips

You may have heard talk in the news lately regarding counterfeit electronic components making it into the US military supply chain. The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) recently reported in the Counterfeit Electronic Parts in the Defense Department Supply Chain hearing held on November 17, 2011, 1,800 cases of suspected counterfeit components that went into more than 1 million individual products. If you consider this number for the military, we can only imagine the number of counterfeits in our commercial yet high reliability products, such as life support or other critical systems. If you are the person within your electronics-based company who must perform risk analyses, counterfeiting is not a new concern, yet many do not realize just how good counterfeiters have become at their "trade"....

DOE for Process Validation Involving Numerous Assembly Materials and Test Methods.

Mar 18, 2010 | Renee Michalkiewicz, Gaylon Morris; Trace Laboratories, Inc., Simin Bagheri; Celestica, Inc.

Selecting products that have been qualified by industry standards for use in printed circuit board assembly processes is an accepted best practice. That products which have been qualified, when used in combinations not specifically qualified, may have resultant properties detrimental to assembly function though, is often not adequately understood. Printed circuit boards, solder masks, soldering materials (flux, paste, cored wire, rework flux, paste flux, etc.), adhesives, and inks, when qualified per industry standards, are qualified using very specific test methods which may not adequately mimic the assembly process ultimately used....

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