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Interflux USA, Inc.

Interflux USA, Inc. Mfg. and Distribution of high quality solders, fluxes and solder paste. Specialized in No-Residue soldering.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Cleaning, Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Repair / Rework, Service Provider, Soldering

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No-Residue Technology Chemistry and Physics

Sep 02, 2004 | Patrick O. Bruneel Technical Advisor - Interflux USA, Inc.

The main goal of this paper is to highlight the importance of interrelating the physics and the chemistry in wave soldering and soft soldering in general. Often we find the disciplines of chemistry and physics being analyzed distinct and separate. However in the quest for alternative ways for leading edge competitive and especially environmental friendly manufacturing, separating or ignoring this interrelationship is detrimental to the success of No-Residue soldering....

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