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Stereolithography and Simultaneous Engineering Speed Products to Market

May 07, 1999 | AMP Incorporated

Stereolithography is a handy tool not only for speeding a design to market but also in giving customers an early edge. By allowing a form-and-fit sample to be quickly made from a computer model, stereolithography coupled with simultaneous engineering allows customers to see product models early in the design cycle. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a tangible sample worth?...

Solder Volumes for Through-Hole Reflow-Compatible Connectors

May 06, 1999 | AMP Incorporated

The success of surface-mount technology has not meant the end of through-hole connectors. For reasons ranging from availability to user concerns over reliability, through-hole connectors remain widely used. ...

Keeping Tin Solderable

May 06, 1999 | AMP Incorporated

Tin plating on a component lead makes its soldering easier. Everybody knows that. Not so well known is that tin plating has shelf life -- its ability to be easily soldered degrades over time. the speed and severity of degradation depends both on storage conditions and on the plating itself......

Specifying Current for the Real World

May 06, 1999 | TE Connectivity

To help the designer set the appropriate current level, AMP has developed a new method of specifying current-carrying capacity. This new method takes into account the various application factors that influence current rating. ...

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