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ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

ASM Assembly Systems is the supplier of SIPLACE, a leader in surface mount technology (SMT) equipment, software, and services to the electronics assembly market.

Munich, Germany

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place, Software Manufacturer

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Unlocking The Mystery of Aperture Architecture for Fine Line Printing

Jun 13, 2018 | Clive Ashmore

The art of screen printing solder paste for the surface mount community has been discussed and presented for several decades. However, the impending introduction of passive Metric 0201 devices has reopened the need to re-evaluate the printing process and the influence of stencil architecture. The impact of introducing apertures with architectural dimensions’ sub 150um whilst accommodating the requirements of the standard suite of surface mount connectors, passives and integrated circuits will require a greater knowledge of the solder paste printing process.

The dilemma of including the next generation of surface mount devices into this new heterogeneous environment will create area ratio challenges that fall below todays 0.5 threshold. Within this paper the issues of printing challenging area ratio and their associated aspect ratio will be investigated. The findings will be considered against the next generation of surface mount devices....

Digital manufacturing for traceability: The way to higher product quality and better warranty management

Aug 26, 2010 | Siemens PLM Software

Driven by high-profile regulations compliance like the TREAD Act, warranty management has become a hot topic across industries worldwide. Recalls are costly and time-consuming events that should be avoided entirely. But without adequate process traceability and product genealogy, too many customers will get defective products and too many products will be recalled for repair or replacement even though they are not defective. Both scenarios have enormous implications for the quality-conscious manufacturer that gets rated on the number of recalls it performs - not to mention the enormous direct costs. The core issue is visibility into product quality....

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