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Zontec, Inc.

SPC software manufacturer. Our software includes such extras as defect tracking, traceability, trend and root cause analysis, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), rolled throughput yield (RTY), equipment uptime/downtime and supplier quality management in a true real-time production-based system.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Enterprise-wide Supplier Quality Management: The Big Payoff for Global SPC

Jun 04, 2008 | Zontec Inc.

The convergence of a wide range of global influences is having a profound effect on current-day quality in manufacturing. Today's operational strategies must take into account business cycles, risk-based management, logistics, workflows, outsourcing, regulatory issues, product development, corporate mergers and acquisitions. In this ever-changing economy it is imperative that companies compete more effectively on two fronts: by reducing costs and emphasizing quality....

Manufacturers at the Crossroads: ERP or Best-of-Breed Software?

May 17, 2007 | Zontec, Inc

In the quest for quality, selecting the right Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software system doesn't boil down to a simple functional "fit-to-requirements" anymore. Once the expert domain of highly focused, independent software developers, the competitive landscape has changed dramatically with the influx of big-name ERP software providers who are aggressively promoting integrated quality modules within an all-encompassing business application framework....

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