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Solutions for Selective Soldering of High Thermal Mass and Fine-Pitch Components

May 07, 2020 | Bob Klenke, Technical Consultant, Nordson SELECT

The selective soldering process has evolved to become a standard production process within the electronics assembly industry, and now accommodates a wide variety of through-hole component formats in numerous applications. Most through-hole components can be easily soldered with the selective soldering process without difficulty, however some types of challenging components require additional attention to ensure optimum quality control is maintained.</p> <p>Several high thermal mass components can place demands on the selective soldering process, while the use of specialized solder fixtures and/or pallets often places an additional thermal demand on the preheating process. Fine-pitch through-hole components and connectors place a different set of demands on the selective soldering process and typically require special attention to lead projection and traverse speed to minimize bridging between adjacent pins.</p> <p>Dual in-line memory module (DIMM) connectors, compact peripheral component interface (cPCI) connectors, coax connectors and other high thermal mass components as well as fine-pitch microconnectors,can present challenges when soldered into backplanes or multilayer printed circuit board assemblies. Adding to this challenge, compact peripheral component interface connectors can present additional solderability issues due to their beryllium copper termination pins....

Dross and the Selective Soldering Process

Feb 24, 2011 | Alan Cable

In the selective soldering process, dross can be detrimental. Dross (and I use this term to encompass all surface contamination) is created in conjunction with the presence of Oxygen in two different areas of the process, and by separate means. Each must ...

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