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Qual-Pro Corporation

Qual-Pro is an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider. We have built electronics for others since 1971.

Gardena, California, USA

Contract Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

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Optimization of Stencil Apertures to Compensate for Scooping During Printing

Mar 07, 2018 | Gabriel Briceno, Ph. D., Miguel Sepulveda

This study investigates the scooping effect during solder paste printing as a function of aperture width, aperture length and squeegee pressure. The percent of the theoretical volume deposited depends on the PWB topography. A typical bimodal percent volume distribution is attributed to poor release apertures and large apertures, where scooping takes place, yielding percent volumes <100%, while SMD apertures and apertures near PWB features that raise the stencil yield percent volumes >100%. This printing experiment is done with a concomitant validation of the printing process using standard 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) equipment....

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