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MARTIN (a Finetech company)

Manufacturer of rework and reballing systems, hand soldering solutions, and micro-dispensing technologies

Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Adhesives / Dispensing, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Repair / Rework, Soldering

  • Phone 603-627-8989

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Effect of BGA Reballing and its Influence on Ball Shear Strength

Jul 11, 2013 | S. Manian Ramkumar Ph.D., Andrew J. Daya, Daniel B. Lewanda; Rochester Institute of Technology, Scott Rushia; MARTIN

This research paper will focus on the effect of various parameters that are used to reball a BGA and their effect on the overall shear strength. Factors that will be looked at include the type of BGA (SAC305 or 63Sn/37Pb), the alloy used to reball (SAC405 or 63Sn/37Pb), the type of flux used (Water Soluble or No Clean), and the environment in which reballing takes place (Nitrogen or Ambient)....

A Case Study in Troubleshooting Shop Floor Rework Difficulties

Apr 05, 2007 | Martin Hogner; Martin Rework and Dispense Technic, Wessling/Munich, Germany, and Allen Sirois; Web Administrator, Manncorp Inc., USA.

Recently a large global player approached us with a problem. They needed an initial assembly solution for brand new components. Their boards and CSP specimens could not safely be soldered due to wetting problems at the solder joints....

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