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How to choose the plug of anti static IC tube and its material

May 09, 2019 | James tong

When the anti static ic tube is produced, it is empty at both ends. Therefore, before and after the electronic components are loaded into the plastic tube, the IC hoses need to be blocked at both ends. Generally, there are plastic nails and rubber stoppers....

Why the minimum order quantity of IC shipping tubes is so high?

Apr 30, 2019 | James tong

Every industry has every unwritten rules, like IC shipping tube moq is high in packaging tube industry rules! This regulation is not to be difficult for customers, but the cost of the problem, as long as the manufacturers feel that even a small amount of packaging tube can do and do too....

How to store the ic tubes

Apr 23, 2019 | James tong

The ic tubes should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight........

What should I pay attention to when purchasing the ic shipping tubes?

Apr 15, 2019 | James tong

The choice of supplier, first of all, is to choose the products offered by suppliers in the market. Since materials that meet certain product functional requirements are not unique, there are many alternatives. There are many factors to consider when purchasing, such as product quality, supply capacity, price, delivery time, reputation, supplier strength, after-sales service and other factors, but specific to the procurement of shipping tubes, we feel the following four points need special attention:...

Anti static IC shipping tube customization guidelines

Feb 07, 2019 | James tong

Antistatic plastic IC shipping tube customization, need to provide the following four aspects of information: First, the choice of pipe material; Second, the size of the parts or physical; Third, the length of the pipe; Fourth, the choice of plug....

Introduction to the manufacturing process of anti static ic tubes

Jan 20, 2019 | James tong

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, more and more components such as integrated circuits and connectors, relays, power modules, etc. need to be packaged with IC tubes. The anti static ic tubes is actually a kind of pvc plastic(reference to : What are the materials for IC tubes) profile, the size varies with the shape of the installed product, the precision requirement is high, the wall thickness should be controlled within ±0.1mm, and the surface is required to have no impurity spots, smooth and transparent. The IC packaging tubes produced by Sewate Technology Co., Ltd. are extruded. The typical process flow is: extrusion, vacuum adsorption setting, traction, fixed length cutting and directional discharge, deburring, immersion antistatic liquid, drying, testing, packaging and storage ...

What are the materials for plastic anti static ic tubes?

Jan 08, 2019 | James tong

Plastic ic tubes can be made of plastics of various materials such as PVC, PS, PET, PC, ABS, etc. The shipping tubes of different materials will have different performances. The characteristics of various materials and their packaging tubes are described in detail below;...

How to identify quality IC Shipping Tube guide

Jan 03, 2019 | James tong

With the increase of labor costs, the popularity of automated production lines, • Antistatic ic tubes, connector shipping tubes, power module shipping tubes, LED shipping tubes, relay shipping tubes and other electronic components tubes are also becoming more widely used. Many small companies blindly pursue low-priced packaging materials, and there is no requirement for quality. When it is later discovered that the parts are stuck in the packaging process, they will regret it when they crush the parts during transportation. Shenzhen Sewate Technology Co., Ltd. tells you about six ways to identify quality packaging tubes....

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