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Factors determine the price of temperature humidity test chamber

Dec 16, 2019 | climatest symor

When we were children,our parents always warn us "Do comparison shopping before you buy",why they say like this?this is a very simple truth, for the first deal,we are always cautious, through continuous comparison in order to find out the best quality, service, after-sale and price. This apply to any industry,there are many manufacturers of environmental test equipment. When some customers inquire a temeprature humidity test chamber, they will find a very common problem. Why is the price of the same equipment quoted by the two manufacturers very different? 1, the chamber body process,which effects the exterior case quality,this price has a gap. 2, the components, esp.components of the refrigeration system, is the core value of the temperature humidity test chamber. 3, even if the body and refrigeration components are the same, some prices are different, that is the manufacturer technical level. 4, regional issues, Wuxi,Changzhou, Dongguan, these brands need to know more. 5. after-sales, a powerful manufacturer often with a sound after-sales service dept.. The above are both technical and service, as well as the delivery cost of goods to the local and overseas are different....

Difference between Neutral and Acid Salt Spray Corrosion Test

Dec 13, 2019 | climatest symor

Salt spray corrosion chamber can test the ability of material and its protective layer to resist salt mist corrosion, or compare the process quality of similar protective layers, at the same time; this equipment is suitable for parts, electronic components, protective layer of metal material and other industrial products. Salt spray test is divided into neutral and acid test. What is the difference between neutral and acid in salt spray test? First, the temperature applied in the test method is different: Neutral test: a. Laboratory:35°C ±1°C, b. Saturated air drums:47°C ±1°C Acid test: a. Laboratory:50°C ±1°C, b. Saturated air drums:63°C ±1°C Second, the production material is different,neutral test chamber adoptes the traditional PVC plates, acid test chamber asopts PP sheet,which is more high temperature resistance and suits strong acid test. Third. Different test methods satisfied Neutral salt spray chamber according to GB/T 2423.17-2008, GB/T 2423.18-2000< basic rules for electrical and electronic products test Ka >, salt spray test method and GB/T 10125-1997, GB/T 10587-2006, GB10593.2-1990, GB/T 1765-1979, GB/T 1771-2007, GB/T 12967.388, GB/T 1705.8-2008, etc. In addition to the test methods specified in the national standard, acid salt spray chamber also needs to expand the standard setting such as IEC,MIL,DIN,ASTM,IS,CNS. Last, Comparison of neutral test solutions China: NaCI distilled water solution NaCI mass concentration (50 ±5) g ≤ l pH value 6.5 ≤ 7.2 United States: distilled water solution NaCI mass concentration 5% ±1% pH value 6.5 ≤ 7.2 Germany: NaCI distilled water solution NaCI mass concentration (50 ±5) g ≤ l pH value 6.5 ≤ 7.2 Japan: NaCI distilled water solution NaCI mass concentration 5% ±1% pH pH value 6.5 ~ 7.2 France: NaCI distilled water solution NaCI mass concentration 5% pH 6.5 ≤ 7.2 https://climatechambers.com/articles&latestnews/difference-between-neutral-and-acid-salt-spray-corrosion-test.html...

What causes temperature humidity chamber to alarm?

Dec 12, 2019 | climatest symor

Today we discuss the reason that causes temperature humidity chamber to alarm,In most cases, the equipment alarm is caused by the improper operation in the process of use, which mainly includes following reasons:that are refrigeration system, temperature system and circulating system. First, Refrigeration system 1, refrigeration compressor overpressure alarm. If the refrigerant pressure exceeds the set value, it will stop and alarm at the same time. At this time, the fault must be eliminated and then manually reset. 2, short phase power supply, phase sequence alarm. When the external power supply of the equipment is out of phase or the phase sequence is changed, it will stop and alarm at the same time. 3. The circulating cooling water is short of water to alarm. When the water pressure of the cooling circulating water system is insufficient, it will stop and alarm at the same time, and it must wait for the fault to be eliminated and reset at the same time before it could run normally. 4, refrigeration compressor overheating alarm. When the coil of the compressor is overheated and the power supply of the line is not normal, it will stop and alarm at the same time. Second, Temperature system 1, the overtemperature alarm in the chamber. The sensors in the channel and the sample area are equipped with overtemperature protection devices, and there are also overtemperature protecter on the control panel. When the temperature in the working chamber exceeds the setting value on the controller, it will stop and alarm. 2. sample overtemperature protection. When the temperature in the sample area exceeds the protection temperature set by the controller, it will stop and alarm at the same time. The overtemperature protection of the sample is divided into upper limit protection and lower limit protection, which can be set according to the demand, Third,Circulating system 1. The alarm is caused by the overheating of the circulating fan. When the coil of the fan is over-heated, the alarm will be stopped at the same time. 2. The fan over-current alarm. When the current of the fan exceeds the allowable value, the alarm is stopped at the same time, and the normal operation can only be carried out after the fault maintenance of the overcurrent is completed. This is what we talk about today,if you have more questions,let us know....

Why salt spray chamber fail to spray salt mist?

Nov 20, 2019 | climatest symor

Salt spray test chamber is used to test teh salt corrosion resistance ability of hardware, metal and other auto parts,the chamber can quickly detect the corrosion resistance degree of products in the temperature, humidity and salt spraying environment, which can effectively improve production efficiency. So what is the reason why such a salt spray test chamber does not spray? As per our past maintenance experience,there are below reasons,customers can have a look,hope it is helpful: 1, the spray tower is blocked; 2, water pipes clogged, water flow can not go in; 3, the air compressor stops running,pls open the air compressor button; 4, main switch of the air compressor outlet is not turned on,pls turn on. 5, the solenoid valve fails, the pressure meter is broken or the pressure is too low, pls check with Climatest and repair it. 6, when the nozzle is clogged, the nozzle should be carefully removed and cleaned,because it is fragile. 7, if the spray pressure is normal, the position of the nozzle glass is also correct, but what is the reason for not spraying? In this case, it is necessary to carefully observe whether there is dirt at the contact surface of the nozzle. If so, clean up the dirt and the spray can be carried out normally. That‘s all we‘re going to talk about today. If you have any questions, follow us on facebook, Please feel free to ask us questions....

Maintenance and operation of walk-in temperature humidity test chamber

Nov 17, 2019 | climatest symor

Overview of walk-in temperature and humidity chamber: It also belongs to environmental test equipment, it tests whether the product can resist high temperature, low temperature, humidity, or the physical and chemical changes produced under extreme conditions, the walk-in temperature and humidity chamber volume is large, the product is placed, or a large object can be placed, such as automobile, new energy, television and liquid crystal screen, etc. How to do the routine maintenance of the walk-in temperature and humidity chamber: 1. The wet gauze basically, if there is no special case, s/b usually changed once in 3 months 2. The water channel shall be regularly cleaned, including water cup, water tank, etc., so as to prevent the water from being blocked,affect the humidity test. 3. It is forbidden to test the flammable and explosive products inside working room. 4. Clean the chamber on a regular basis 2. How to operate walk-in temperature and humidity chamber: The operation method is same as standard temperature humidity test chamber,the controller is 7-inch LCD programmable color screen, you only need to setthe temperature point---test time--how many cycles need to be tested, This can be done automatically, and the machine will stop automatically when it is complete. If there is any problem during the operation, the corresponding problem point will be displayed on the machine control screen. Walk-in temperature and humidity chamber is a must equipment for reliability test of Automobile,Aerospace,Electronic parts,etc,the operation and maintenance are easy,it is teh tear down mahcine,Climatest engineers will be dispatched to do on-site support,for instance,we will finish commissioning,train customers how to operate,maintain,welcome to follow our company facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Climatechambers...

Material Aging Test-UV Weathering Test Chamber

Nov 15, 2019 | climatest symor

Material Aging Test-UV Weathering Test Chamber 1.What is UV aging? UV aging chambers use fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as light source to simulate UV radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, and to carry out accelerated weather resistance test in order to obtain the result of weather resistance of the material. UV aging detection is widely used in non-metallic materials, organic materials (such as coatings, paints, rubber, plastics and their products) under the change of sunlight, humidity, temperature, condensation and other climatic conditions to test the aging degree and situation of related products and materials. 2.Why we should do UV aging test? When the product is placed in the ambient environment, there will be different problems taken place, such as appearance changes, including cracking, speckle, powdering or color change, and even performance degradation,which may be due to the loss of components in the resin resulting in chemical bonds changes inside the molecular structure, this is mainly caused by sunlight, industrial exclusion of waste gas, bacteria and so on. The aging performance of the product directly affects the lifespan of the product, so aging test become significant,non-metallic materials, organic materials (such as paints, paints, rubber, plastics and their products) are subject to changes in sunlight, humidity, temperature, condensation and other climatic conditions to test the degree and condition of aging of related products and materials. The natural aging test is to put the plastic specimen under the sun exposure, and it is directly under the natural climate environment,to test the material performance under various factors such as light, heat energy, atmospheric humidity, oxygen and ozone, industrial pollution and the like, the most harsh climate condition should be selected,or near the actual application area of the material, the test site shall be open and flat, no obstacle to affect the test results,the specimen holder shall be facing the equator and at an angle of 45 ° from the ground. When the main performance index of the specimen has been reduced, the test s/b terminated when it achieve the minimum allowable use value . in most case,the test is terminated when the product primary performance index falls to 50% of the initial value. The natural aging process is a very slow process, and there is a great difference in different geographical conditions, which brings difficulties to evaluate the aging resistance of the product. It is an attempt to make an evaluation of the aging performance of the plastic in a shorter time,that is accelerated aging test. The accelerated aging test can be used to simulate the human light source of the fluorescent lamp, including the carbon arc lamp, the xenon arc lamp and the fluorescent ultraviolet lamp, and the artificial light sources can generate more light than the natural sunlight on the ground. When these artificial light sources are used, it is also common to use the combination of the condenser to simulate the rain drop, the dew and the like to conduct the aging test on the product....

Serious to make dry oven

Nov 13, 2019 | climatest symor

Dry oven is a must instrument almost for every laboratory in different industries,with nearly 20 years efforts and innovation,Climatest now masters core technique of dry oven manufacturing,no matter on temperature uniformity or temperature stability.Behind the quality is 15 years of consistent persistence,strong belief in excellence; from design to R & D to production, from promotion to sales to installation; every step should reach excellence,What you see, you use our products, you choose, you feel that we do our best,this is our faith. Dry Ovens are used to dry or temper electronic components,material tests,torrefaction, wax-melting ,high temperature aging ,preheating and sterilization in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes. .Exterior chamber is made by reinforced steel with painting; working chamber made by anti-corrosion stainless steel SUS#304 .Intelligent PID control, LED controller with over-temperature alarm,timing range within 0~9999min .Hot air circulation system composed of Germany imported low-noisy air blower and optimal air duct which ensure uniform temperature distribution .Double layers of glass door, large transparent window to observe specimen .Forced air convection Climatest manufactures desktop and floor-standing models with RT+10°C-200°C,250°C,300°C,350°C,400°C temperature range,and customized as per special requirement,if you wanna know more details about our dry oven,please visit our product page:https://climatechambers.com/industrial-dry-oven/200-degree-c-hot-air-oven.html...

How to inspect the temperature recovering time of thermal shock chamber?

Nov 12, 2019 | climatest symor

Thermal shock test chamber can be used for testing the chemical change or physical damage on composite materials caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest time,which is subjected to extremely and continuous high and low temperature environment.so how to check the temperature recovery time of this chamber? Normally we take following steps to inspect the temepratuire recovering time: 1.Install the temperature sensor at the specified position, and adjust the temperature controller of hot zone and cold zone to the required nominal temperature respectively. 2.The temperature increases and reduces respectively,30min after temperature in two zones reach stable status,record temperature value of the measuring point,pls set the temperature value of two zones to be required nominal temperature. 3.The temperature shock test chamber automatically places the inspected load into theh ot zone,select the corresponding retention time according to regulated standard. 4.Set the transfer time,then the inspection load is transferred from hot zone to cold zone, and the temperature of the measuring point is observed and recorded, and then the reverse conversion of the load from cold zone to hot zone is carried out according to the same method, and the temperature of the measuring point is observed and recorded. www.climatechambers.com...

When you pull out the nitrogen pipe of nitrogen cabinet

Nov 07, 2019 | climatest symor

Many customers who have purchased the nitrogen cabinets have been in the mistaken belief that the air pipe can be pull down hard,so that it can cause the board to be damaged due to the hard pulling of the air pipe, which leads to the replacement of the penetrating board. Now, the following pictures are provided. Please note: Nitrogen cabinet is a optiomal choice for the microelectronics,semiconductor for humidity proof and anti-oxidation purpose,Climatest has put much efforts on the R&D of dry cabinets,as you know,our advangtage is to handle temperature and humidity,since early 1990s,our engineers began to test and research dry cabinet and nitrogen cabinet,all of our manufacturing process strictly follow ISO9001 standard,we supply to international customers for 20 years,if you are still looking for a reliable dry cabinet manufacturer to protect your MSD from moisture related damage,come to visit www.climatechambers.com,we are ready!...

Why we need to proceed temperature humidity test?

Oct 29, 2019 | climatest symor

For every 10 ℃ increase in temperature, the reaction rate is twice to three times. This means that for every 10 ℃ increase in temperature, the life span of the product will be halved, and when the temperature rises by 20 ℃, the life span of the product will be reduced to 1/4. High temperature will lead to aging, oxidation, evaporation, physical deformation and so on. Low temperature will lead to embrittlement, ice formation, viscosity and solidification degree, loss of mechanical strength, physical shrinkage and so on. When the product is shipped, stored and operated in the environment, it will be endangered. In addition, each product has regulatory and certification requirements, and it is important to evaluate reliability and durability before it is put on the market. In general, according to the IEC60068 test standard, it requires the volume of the laboratory to be at least five times the total volume of the sample under test. Haida constant temperature and humidity box can help you meet this demand. So with the fast developmement of manufacturing industry,test becomes a necessity to see wether the product is able to meet regulated standards in R&D satge,Climatest Symor specializes in handling temperature and humidity,we supply environmental test chamber to China State-owned Research Institutes and laboratories,and obtain excellent reputation from international cllients,our company put much efforts on chamber R&D ,striving to supply best-quality climate simulation equipment and after-sale service. For details,pls visit our official website www.climatechambers.com...

What is the main function of hot air dry oven?

Sep 25, 2019 | climatest symor

What is the main function of hot air dry oven? Drying ovens are devices used to remove moisture and other solvents from the items placed inside them through a forced convection process, collecting it elsewhere so that the object becomes dehydrated. A drying oven causes objects to dry out through evaporation. Drying ovens use convection heating,also called air forced, in which the object is heated through air currents. Water from the object escapes into the air, raising the humidity level and causing the semi-solid membranes inside the oven to absorb the water. The end result is that the oven removes water from the object being dried, leaving it dehydrated. Drying ovens contain a system for forcing convection currents to develop, usually either a fan or turbine, which aids in the heating and drying process by ensuring that the hot air circulates,many ovens are equipped with an adjustable ventilation system that allows the user to ensure that the system has an adequate air supply. For details,pls visit our website: https://climatechambers.com/articles&latestnews/what-is-the-main-function-of-hot-air-dry-oven.html...

What is usage of Electronic dry cabinet?

Aug 19, 2019 | climatest symor

Electronic dry cabinet for MSD storage Humidity is one of the key reasons for rejected products, many manufacturers are taking measures to control the humidity to increase production efficiency and save cost. In semiconductor and electronic industry, the key section of rejected products mostly happen during SMT heating process, Climatest Symor® auto dry cabinet is a superior solution to avoid the cracking. Warranty: two years with lifetime technical support...

The climatic test chamber after-sale service

Jun 18, 2019 | climatest symor

After-sale service Climatest Symor® strictly controls every production procedure,our main after-sale service procedure is as follow: 1) Email Climatest Symor® about the fault description(Pictures or video is preferred) 2) Within 1 working days, Climatest Symor® gives feedback or solution (If Climatest Symor® needs customer to take pictures about some parts of the machine, customer should cooperate accordingly to settle issues. 3) If checked that some parts(except glass nozzle) is possible broken by non-artificial reason, If necessary, customer deliver the broken part to Climatest Symor®, later Climatest Symor® send the repaired part or new part to customer. If unnecessary, Climatest Symor® will make delivery for the new part to customer directly. Remark:During warranty, Climatest Symor® is responsible for delivery fees both ways and parts fees.After warranty, Customer is responsible for the delivery fees both ways,Climatest Symor® will provide the parts to customer by cost price....

IPX3 IPX4 IPX5 IPX6 IPX9K Water Spray Test Chamber

Jun 17, 2019 | climatest symor

Water spray test chamber dedicates to test and evaluate the protection degree to water resistance provided by product enclosure,the protection level against water ingress is called IP code....

What is UV weathering test chamber

Jun 10, 2019 | climatest symor

UV-Lamp Weathering Test Chamber takes fluorescent UV lamps as light source to simulate the UV irradiation in natural light and condensation to conduct accelerated weathering test on the materials, It simulates UV, rain, high temperature, humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions, combine them together, and carry them out automatically. ...

Dust removal in temperature and humidity Test Chamber (2/2)

May 21, 2019 | Climatest Symor

Continue to talk about the dust removal from temperature humidity test chamber. Cleaning and maintenance: 1) Pls remove internal impurities inisde chamber before operation. 2) The power distribution room should be cleaned at least once a year, and the dust can be removed by vacuum cleaner. 3) The exterior chamber must also be cleaned more than once a year, which can be wiped with soapy water. Inspection and maintenance of humidifier: The water storage in humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure clean water quality, humidifying water tray should be cleaned once a month to ensure smooth flow of water. The inspection of over-temperature protector:during the test: If the temperature is over 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ than the maximum value setted,the power supply of the heater will stop, the "OVERHEAT" overt-emperature warning light will automatically turn on but the fan is still in operation, if the equipment runs without operator around,the operator should check the over-temperature protector in advance to ensure wether it has been setted properly before start [wet ball over-temperature protector set to 120 ℃]....

What is humidity control dry cabinet?

May 17, 2019 | Climatest Symor

Dry cabinet is especially designed with fully automatic humidity control to prevent moisture related defects. This cabinet is the optimal storage expert for SMT/BGA/PCB/IC electronic components.Our newly developed design greatly increases dehumidifying system which runs faster and more reliable compare to those traditional dry cabinets. it decreases the defective rate at production line....

How to fill water into the temperature humidity test chamber? (2/2)

May 16, 2019 | Climatest Symor

limatest Symor wants to tell you that humidity is not only the most important thing in the chamber, but also the temperature In order to facilitate customers to add water, our temperature and humidity test chamber is to place the water tank at back of the equipment.Just open the baffle to see the water tank and the water level meter next to the tank,then add enough water to the tank. However, in addition to manual water addition, our temperature and humidity test chamber has equipment that can automatically add water. Only by connecting the water pipe at the water filling port can it be automatically replenished when there is a shortage of water, which is suitable for high humidity test for a long time....

How does IPX9K Rain Test Chamber Works?

May 08, 2019 | Climatest Symor

IPX9K Rain Spray Test Chamber(high Pressure high temperature water jet) simulates the use of pressure washer steam cleaning onto the enclosure, It is recognised as the harshest of all ingress protection tests. However the requirement is becoming more prevalent across many industries. Test method for IPX9K : Make sure the water temperature inside the water tank +80°C, water flow rate with 14L-16L per min, water pressure: 8000 Kpa -10000 Kpa (80–100 bar) at distance of 100mm~ 150mm, The test duration is 30 seconds in each of 4 angles, total spray testing time is 2 minutes. IPX9K rain test chamber applicable standards: IEC 60529 – Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code).Here is working principle in picture. Application: It is mainly suitable for testing the performance of shell and seal of electrical and electronic parts, automobile parts and seals under the condition of dripping rain to prevent Rain Water from permeating or working after drizzling. ...

How to settle it if there is water existed inside the compressor of temperature humidity chamber?

May 08, 2019 | Climatest Symor

It is necessary to know there are some faults that cannot be entirely avoided during the use of temperature and humidity test chamber, but how to deal with them in time is a problem that needs to be paid attention to.Here mainly explain the temperature and humidity test chamber compressor in the reason for the water, and how to deal with it. Reason: water comes from air, because there is always water in the air, known as humidity, which is compressed into supersaturated air and then analyzed to become liquid. The oil comes from the lubrication system of the compressor, possibly because the wear clearance of the mechanism increases, and the lubricating oil will escape into the cylinder. Solution: after the compressor is removed from the temperature and humidity test chamber, with a larger gas storage tank, the oil and water will naturally settle down to the bottom of the jar, and we need to discharge regularly to reduce the oil and water content in the compressed air. Of course, you can also use filters and other things to further reduce the content of oil and water. if you need to know more details about climatic chamber, keep an eye on our website www.climatechambers.com...

How to extend the lifespan of climatic test chamber?

May 06, 2019 | Climatest Symor

Temperature and humidity test chamber has brought a lot of help to many industrial enterprises, but while it brings convenience to us, we should also take good care of them, otherwise they may be brought into the end-of-life phase ahead of time. The way of maintenance is also very simple. After daily use, the equipment is cleaned regularly, but the cleaning of the test chamber is also very skillful. If the operation is wrong, it may also lead to equipment failure. Let‘s learn how to extend the service life of the temperature and humidity test box together. 1, Pls clean the working room with water after each use, then dry the interior with dry cotton cloth. 2, Pls regularly remove dust from the evaporator inside the equipment, and periodically wipe the equipment to ensure clean and tidy. 3, When doing the test, the sample should be uniformly placed onto sample shelves,and the vent should not be blocked to prevent the influence of the test 4, It is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of water tanks in peacetime, after the test or when the equipment is not intended to be used for a long time, all the water in the tank should be discharged, otherwise it will lead to the formation of scale inside the tank. The water used in the temperature and humidity test chamber must be pure or distilled water, or long-term use may result in a humidifier or internal pipe clogging. Above are the usual use notice of temperature and humidity test chamber, if customer adhere to the above several points,it is really able to prolong the service life of the equipment. ...

Notices in the use of temperature and humidity Test Chamber

May 06, 2019 | Climatest Symor

The temperature and humidity test chamber simulate the temperature and humidity, so there are a lot of things customers shoud notice in the process of use, although there is detailed instruction when purchasing the equipment. But some users just know how the device works and start using it. This is very easy to cause problems in the use of the equipment, so Symor intends to describe the safety details during the use of temperature and humidity chamber. 1. Before the test, determine if the sample contains flammable and explosive substances to avoid combustion or explosion during the test. Of course, also make sure there is no flammable and explosive material around the test equipment, otherwise it may cause fire and other accidents. 2, Do not open the chamber door to operate during the experiment, or the gas in the studio may cause the operator to burn and so on. 3. At the end of the test or at the time of regular cleaning of the test chamber, power off the equipment to avoid electrocution accidents. Also, when cutting off the equipment power, pull the power cord to pull out the plug, otherwise it may lead to a rupture of the power cord and so on. You can contact manufacturers if there are some places you donnot understand, do not dismantle and repair the temperature and humidity test chamber without authorization, otherwise it may lead to more serious problems....

The working principle of IPX9K Rain Test Chamber

Apr 18, 2019 | Climatest Symor

IPX9K Rain Spray Test Chamber(high Pressure high temperature water jet) simulates the use of pressure washer steam cleaning onto the enclosure, It is recognised as the harshest of all ingress protection tests. However the requirement is becoming more prevalent across many industries. Test method for IPX9K : Make sure the water temperature inside the water tank +80°C, water flow rate with 14L-16L per min, water pressure: 8000 Kpa -10000 Kpa (80–100 bar) at distance of 100mm~ 150mm, The test duration is 30 seconds in each of 4 angles, total spray testing time is 2 minutes. IPX9 rain test chamber applicable standards: IEC 60529 – Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code).Here is working principle in picture. ...

Noise Fault Detection of High Low Temperature Test Chamber(Climatic chamber)

Apr 11, 2019 | Climatest Symor

With the development of science and technology, the climatic chamber quality has been improved, and the failure rate is reduced, but there still have the failure probability.today we introduce what are the mian factors for big noise high low temperature test chamber: 1.External factors: the bottom angle is uneven, the ground is uneven, adjust the bottom angle, ensure the equipment is in a horizontal position; 2.The equipment is touched other objects or pushed against the wall,pls remove the objects and keep a certain distance from the wall. 3.Compressor noise:check whether the compressor collides with the pipeline,and evaporator dish is loose or not. 4.Check whether compressor shock absorbers are aging and replace them. 5.Solenoid valve noise: solenoid valve reversing caue loud sound, pls add damping glue, if no effect, need to replace solenoid valve. If there is AC noise, need to replace the power board. 6.Check wether the fan or the fan string shaft make noise,whether the fan blades are touched and deformed, whether the fan is fixed or not, pls adjust accordingly or add the rubber pad. If further technical questions,contact us without hesitation!---Climtest Symor® technical team...

What is the application of moisture proof dry cabinet?

Apr 11, 2019 | Climatest Symor

Are your MSD safely stored? As humidity is found to be one of the key reasons for rejected products, many manufacturers are taking measures to control the humidity to increase their production efficiency and save the cost. In the industries of semi-conductor and electronics, the key section in which the rejected products are most probably to be made is that during the heating process of SMT, the IC(e.g.,PBGA,BGA,or TQFD) is likely to crack and thus cause non-effective welding because of the humidity. Climatest Symor® auto dry cabinet is the best solution to avoid the cracking and noneffective welding by dehumidifying the surface of your components. The dry unit can be used for 20 years without replacement,and controller is calibration free within 5 years.We attach dry cabinet application with different humidity range,welcome to download....

Symor ESD storage dry cabinet(Working principle)

Apr 08, 2019 | Climatest Symor

Climatest Symor® adopts molecular sieve to dry air, the whole system is controlled by microcomputer, when humidity is high, It will start to absorb moisture,when the humidity reach the pre-set value, it will stop absorbing, and then discharge the water to outside the cabinet by heating,again and again by automatic control. The most effective and environment-friendly moisture-absorbing desiccant is molecular sieve, molecular sieve is the microporous crystal material synthesized by silicon and aluminium oxide. In order to keep the crystal net discharge to be zero, atoms with cations are located in the crystal structure.and the cation used in these synthetic crystals is usually sodium. At present, there are two kinds of molecular sieves widely used in the dry box industry: Class A and Class X. Molecular sieves are synthesized, shaped and activated under strictly controlled production processes. The whole controlled sythesis process can ensure consistency of the three-dimensional pore size. 3A molecular sieve pore size is 3 angstroms, 4A molecular sieve pore size is 4 angstroms; 13X molecular sieve pore size is 8.5 angstroms. The working principle of molecular sieve: Molecular sieves adsorb molecules onto the crystal surface by physical attraction force. Since 95% surface area of the molecular sieve is within aperture,it needs to screen the adjacent molecules by different size. Only small size molecules can enter into the inner adsorption surface of the molecular sieve through the crystal aperture. This selective adsorption phenomenon is called molecular sieve effect. The molecular sieve adsorption capacity and charge density (polarity) are further related to the adsorbed molecules. The molecular sieves can further distinguish which of the mixed molecules can be adsorbed and determine to what extent the charge density can allow the molecules to be adsorbed onto the crystal. Water molecules are particularly small (2.6 angstroms), that belong to highly polar molecules (very strong positive and negative electron density), and are easily adsorbed by molecular sieves, even under very low moisture condition,once the water molecules are adsorbed,they will be firmly fixed on the crystal. The environment-friendly moisture absorption device is equipped with molecular sieve. When it’s absorbing, the memory alloy controller is in tensile state, and the spring is in contractive state,which just make the valve contact the outer baffle, this insulates the outside air from inside dry box air to achieve dehumidification purpose; and after molecular sieve absorbed moisture inside dry box and become saturated, the program will automatically control the memory alloy device to shrink it so that the valve reaches the inner baffle position. Meanwhile, due to the shrinkage of the memory alloy, the spring is stretched and the valve is pulled out of the outer baffle,so that the moisture in molecular sieve will be discharged into the outside. after the dehumidifying process finished, the program automatically control and reset the memory alloy and spring,to restart absorbing status....

Ingress Protection (IP) test for electronic enclosure test

Apr 07, 2019 | Climatest Symor

Ingress Protection Test Chamber is used to determine the protection degree of product enclosures,the protection level provided by the enclosure is called IP code,our IP test chamber compeletely follow the standard IEC60529 and others. IP protection grade is an important index of electrical equipment safety protection. Protective-grade systems such as ip, which provide a method of classifying products in terms of dust-proof, waterproof and anti-collision levels of electrical equipment and packaging, which have been recognized by most European countries, as drafted by the International Electrotechnical Association (iec (international electro technical commission). And announced in ied529 (bs en 60529 / 1992) outer packing protection grade (ip code). The level of protection is expressed in terms of IP followed by two numbers, which are used to define the level of protection. The first number indicates the extent of the equipment‘s resistance to dust, or the degree to which people are protected from harm in sealed environments. I represents a level that prevents solid foreign matter from entering, with a maximum level of 6; The second number indicates the extent to which the equipment is waterproof. P represents the level of protection against influent and the highest level is 8. Such as the protection level of the motor ip65. Contact electrical equipment protection and external material protection level (first digit) Electrical equipment waterproof protection level (second digit) . IP is the international code used to identify the protection grade ip grade consists of two numbers, the first number for dust, and the second number for waterproof, the larger the number means the better protection level. ...

How to protect your PCB from moisture related damage?

Apr 07, 2019 | Climatest Symor

How to protect your PCB from moisture related damage? J-STD-033 put forward stricter regulation on the MSD exposure environment,when the exposure time exceed the tolerated,the moisture will penetrate into electronics,Moreover, the newest RoHS regulation will rise soldering temperature,the sudden high temperature will lead to expansion and cracking on electronic components. In order to decrease the moisture defect on PCB for the manufacturers in China,Climatest Symor® begin to concentrated on electronic dry cabinet R&D since early 1990s,we specialize in handling temperature and humidity for 20 years,and we provide best solution for PCB storage....

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