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Monash University Malaysia, the Malaysian campus of Monash University opened in 1998 and is located within the Bandar Sunway township in Malaysia. It is the first foreign university in Malaysia.

Selangor, Malaysia

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Assessment of Pre-Treatment Techniques for Coarse Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Recycling

Jan 05, 2022 | Kai Dean Kang, I. M. Saman K. Ilankoon, Nimila Dushyantha and Meng Nan Chong

Waste electrical and electronic equipment or e-waste generation has been skyrocketing over the last decades. This poses waste management and value recovery challenges, especially in developing countries. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are mainly employed in value recovery operations. Despite the high energy costs of generating crushed and milled particles of the order of several microns, those are employed in conventional hydrometallurgical techniques. Coarse PCB pieces (of order a few centimetres) based value recovery operations are not reported at the industrial scale as the complexities of the internal structure of PCBs limit efficient metal and non-metal separation....

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