Inclusion Voiding in Gull Wing Solder Joints


August 30, 2012


T.L. Lewis, C.O. Ndiaye, J.R. Wilcox


This paper provides definitions of the different voiding types encountered in Gull Wing solder joint geometries. It further provides corresponding reliability data that support some level of inclusion voiding in these solder joints and identifies the final criteria being applied for certain IBM Server applications. Such acceptance criteria can be applied using various available x-ray inspection techniques on a production or sample basis. The bulk of supporting data to date has been gathered through RoHS server exempt SnPb eutectic soldering operations but it is expected to provide a reasonable baseline for pending Pb-free solder applications....

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September 5, 2012

One term used to describe voiding that has enjoyed renewed popularity due to lead-free soldering is 'champagne voiding.' It usually consists of clusters of very small voids. How does this type of voiding fit within the scheme that you've presented here?

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