Fix The Process Not Just The Product


April 3, 2015


Mary Elmallakh, M. Sc. and Paul Groome Digitaltest Inc. Andy Shelton Pulse Communications, Inc.


Understanding your process and how to minimize defects has always been important. Nowadays, its importance is increasing with the complexity of products and the customers demand for higher quality. Quality Management Solutions (QMS) that integrate real-time test and inspection results with engineering and production data, can allow the optimization of the entire manufacturing process. We will describe the cost and time benefits of a QMS system when integrated with engineering data and manufacturing processes. We will use real examples that can be derived from integrating this data. This paper also discusses the aspects of Quality Management Software that enables electronic manufacturers to efficiently deliver products while achieving higher quality, reduce manufacturing costs and cutting repair time. Key words: Quality Management Software, ICT, Repair workstations, First Pass Yield, Pareto analysis, Flying Probe, QMS. ...

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