New Phosphorus-based Curing Agents for PWB


August 8, 2018


A. Piotrowski, M. Zhang, S. Levchik - ICL-IP, Y. Zilberman, Eran Gluz - IMI


As a result of the continuous industrial trend towards high density packaging there is a growing demand for highly thermally-stable laminate materials. Although the epoxy resin defines the thermal stability, often the flame retardant used becomes the limiting factor in achieving a higher stability. Recognizing this industrial need, the company has developed a new flame-retardant curing agent, Material A. This is a phosphorus-based polymer which cures epoxy via a very specific mechanism. Common Novolac epoxy resins cured with Material A and a phenol-formaldehyde resin show a Tg >180 °C and Td >400 °C. In addition to a high thermal stability, Material A also shows a dielectric loss factor lower than commercial phosphorus-based flame retardants....

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Company Information:


ICL Industrial Products (IP) is the world's largest bromine producer.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


  • Phone (1) 877 661 4272

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