The EMS Gateway Model - Local to Global, Seamlessly


April 24, 2019


Brenda Martin


Choosing an outsourced manufacturing partner that is perfect for a new product and close to your design team is quite different to choosing a partner that can manufacture that same product in volume in lower cost locations and fulfill globally. This is where the Gateway model comes into its own. Most large EMS have structured their organizations to leverage proximity to OEM design teams in high cost regions while providing the benefits of low cost regions for volume manufacturing. The "Gateway" facility in higher cost regions provides design engineering, supply chain design, prototype, and NPI services. The goal of the Gateway is to develop an effective build recipe that can then be effectively and seamlessly transferred to one or more volume manufacturing facility that offers lower costs and direct fulfillment to consumers.

We will present a case study that highlights the value of this model and that shows some of the key elements that allow for seamless transitions from plant to plant. The Gateway model is an essential element to a successful global manufacturing model and helps ensure that products are made in the right geography....

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