BTC and SMT Rework Challenges


May 22, 2019


Joerg Nolte


Rising customer demands in the field of PCB repair are a daily occurrence as the rapid electronic industry follows new trends in a blink of an eye. New strategies and technologies are required to fulfill those demands. Out of the long list of today's customer demands for efficient BTC and SMT PCB repair some subjects show up on a daily basis and are agreed to be relevant for the coming years:

  • BTC types with new effects -> voidless treatment
  • Smaller components -> miniaturization (01005 capability)
  • Large board handling -> dynamic preheating for large board repair
  • Repeatable processes -> flux and paste application (Dip and Print), residual solder removal (scavenging), dispensing, multiple component handling, and traceability
  • Operator support -> higher automation, software guidance

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