When the Soldering Specialist Bans Soldering Fume


May 24, 2019




Soldering system vendor SEHO runs a Technology Center in its headquarters in Germany, in which all available machines are exhibited and demonstrated. Additionally, the SEHO Academy provides knowledge as a perfect balance of theory and practical application. In both facilities soldering fume occurs, which has damaging effects on human health, manufacturing equipment and products. That's why the company had installed several air cleaning solutions in terms of fume extraction technology. How and why they take care of clean air is the subject of this article....

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Company Information:


ULT is a vendor of fume extraction solutions for air purification. The company's systems are utilized for the removal of laser fumes, soldering fumes, odors, vapors, gases, dusts etc. in electronics production.

Mequon, Wisconsin, USA

Cleaning, Environmental Resources, OEM

  • Phone +1 414-377-1376

ULT LLC website

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