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May 29, 2019




1.Vias near SMD pads: Solder can flow into the via after melted. As a result cold joint will appear in the end. Check the picture below. 2.Vias on SMD pads: Solder can flow into the via more easier after melted. Check the picture below. 3.Via opening without soldermask covered. When workers solder TH parts by hand, soldering iron can touch vias sometime, then tiny amounts molten solder will stay on vias. This can lead to electrical short easily. We recommend you make all vias tenting (covered by solder mask) if it is possible. ...

June 6, 2019

Thanks for Sharing the valuable information . do we have all kind of DFM list for pcb design . Please suggest

January 23, 2020

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May 26, 2020

Is there Signal Integrity articles?

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