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July 19, 2019


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Foxconn x ray inspection Seamark zm x ray series and BGA rework station series had enter Mainland Foxconn already, our target let worldwide’ Foxconn factories use our x ray inspection machine and x ray smd counter in the future. This Year,Vietnam Foxconn (Hon Yao Fu Technology Company Limited)purchased our x ray x6600 inspection machine, and we have finished training service In Vietnam Foxconn factory. Foxconn x ray inspection image Foxconn are using our x ray inspection machine series, how about you?If not, Let’s do it! Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station Last Article: Method for detecting electronic components quickly Next Article:x ray inspect PCB and SMT patch module TSI Mexico use Seamark x ray machine Persang Alloy Industries X ray 6600 for PCB Maybe you still are interested in: Solder paste printing defects and solutions in SMT chip processing process Advantages of X-ray SMD counter ...

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Seamark ZM PCB BGA X-ray Inspection system Equipment -14 years experience in SMT field, Our experience will provide good solutions. X-Ray Inspection, BGA reworks tation,Full auto X ray SMD component machine

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