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September 15, 2019


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Manual parts Counter & Auto parts counter Manual parts Counter & Auto parts counter Foxconn purchased Auto x ray parts counter for replace 6-7 workers to counting smd reels tray, no need to open the sealed package&take out mositure barrier bag, good choice for high sensitive components counting. By the way, the machine is Integrated to all major ERP/MES systems, it achieves full automation and intelligence in the SMT  industry. Photo 1 shows Manual parts Counter & Auto parts counter Fast return of invest (ROI)-Manual parts Counter & Auto parts counter ROI No# Item  Content Traditional Parts Counter Seamark Auto Parts counter 1 Counting Counting Time/Reel(S) 80 15 2 Input result into system time (S) 12–15 NO 3  Total Time/Reel 95s 15s 4 Total reels/Day/Person 300 1920 5 WorkLoad /Day Reels need to count/Day                       2000 6 Workers need 5-6 1 7 Cost Salary of workers/Month/Person  USD800 USD700 8 Total salary/Year USD57600 USD8400 9 Manpower saved/Year USD49200 10 Result Around 14-18 months can get back the investment Remark:.Worker salary is based on Chinese salary level in 2018. You can get more accurate result on your local salary level. Photo 2 shows Huge workload is easy for Auto x ray parts counter Many thanks for Foxconn’ great support, Foxconn are using Seamark ZM ‘Industrial X-ray Inspection Equipment & BGA Rework Station & X-ray SMD parts counter machine, how about you? Following Foxconn Please, and do better! Family of Online SMD Component Counters Scanner Last Article: Method for detecting electronic components quickly Next Article: Online SMD X-Ray Scanner TSI Mexico use Seamark x ray machine Persang Alloy Industries X ray 6600 for PCB Maybe you still are interested in: Solder paste printing defects and solutions in SMT chip processing process Advantages of X-ray SMD counter ...

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Seamark ZM PCB BGA X-ray Inspection system Equipment -14 years experience in SMT field, Our experience will provide good solutions. X-Ray Inspection, BGA reworks tation,Full auto X ray SMD component machine

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