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Online SMD Component Counters Scanner X-Ray X-2000 Online SMD Component Counters Scanner Introduction This equipment is mainly used for the rapid measurement of the reel type materials used in the SMT industry. It is based on the high industrial 4.0 standard, intelligent modular design, and can be used for 7-17 inch Tape Reel/JEDEC Tray/IC tide sensitive package. Piece, equipped with artificial intelligence deep learning software, cloud update system. Material types include all Resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal, LED, diode, triode, multi-pin IC, etc. X-ray imaging technology is used to detect the production materials and obtain image information. The image is automatically counted by SEAMARK’s self-developed image algorithm to obtain the actual quantity of materials, and the number of materials can be classified according to categories and equipment. The data information is interfaced with the customer MES system. Online SMD Component Counters Scanner Technical Parameters Dimension: 3200mm*1300mm*2100mm Weight: 2.5t    Voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz    Power: Max 2Kw Loading method: Rotary type double station automatic induction loading (each station can cache 50 disks of 7-15 inch disk) Unloading method:Rotary type double station automatic induction unloading (each station can cache 50 disks of 7-15 inch disk) Abnormal material storage area: pre-test abnormal material storage area (automatic storage) X ray tube brand: United States VJ        X ray tube voltage: 80Kv X ray tube Max tube current: 700uA     Focal spot size: 30um FPD Brand: Germany Iray                       Detector Imaging area: 427*427mm Pixel size:139um                                         Pixel matrix: 3072*3072pixels Gray scale: 16 bits                                      Reel Inspection size range: 7- 17 inch (Contains smaller bulk material ) Reel Inspection thickness: 3-85mm      Min parts size :01005 Tray Coverage: Continuously update the database to cover 99% of the material on the market Counting time: About 8~10s/reel. Barcode scanning Configurable 1D, 2D barcode scanning code gun, label printing Real-time printing of material code, point results Counting accuracy 01005 accuracy rate >99.99%, 0201 accuracy rate =100% Label printing: CCD visually identifies the old bar code coordinates on the tray, and pastes the new bar code onto the tray and overwrites the old bar code Parts support: Resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal, LED, diode, triode, multi-pin IC, etc. Software: Support for automatic saving of SPC statistics, images and results in any format System docking: ERP, MES, etc. Radiation<1 μSv/Hour X-Ray X-2000 Online SMD Component Counters Scanner Main feature Advantage 1: Deep learning based on fully automatic counting algorithm Advantage 2: It does not take 3-5 days to enter data into the in-plant tray, which can be used directly. Advantage 3: Cumulative counting database sharing to all machines Advantage 4: More data, more reliable and more accurate Advantage 5: Can support 7~17inch tray Advantage 6: Support random location, excellent user experience Advantage 7: Algorithm/database permanent update and support Advantage 8: Extremely high reliability and repeatability based on deep learning Why are Seamark ZM doing better?                       Other Brands  Seamark zm Do a lot of work, based on the user’s ability to count  Use cloud/artificial intelligence to get together image data, based on experts & deep learning to count Barcodes exist as links to algorithms and components Use artificial intelligence to identify components and automatically apply them to algorithms Unable to collect data, algorithms can’t share Share all counting algorithms/information to each user using a centralized database X-RAY Online SMD Component Counters Scanner results of testing No.    Parts    Reel size        Qty       Accuracy      Speed (s) 1      01005    7″          20000PCS     99.98%       16s~18s 2      0201      7″           10000PCS     100%         10s~13s 3     0402        7″           10000PCS     100%         10s~13s 4     0603      7″            5000PCS      100%        10s~13s 5    0402        15″           50000PCS     100%        10s~13s 6    10×10       15″           500PCS        100%       10s~13s Remarks: According to the quantity of materials, the time efficiency will change slightly. The efficiency of this X-ray smd counter will be improved according to the update of the subsequent cloud database or regular software database. X-RAY Cloud storage introduction The device is controlled by the intelligent cloud. Each device’s tray image will be automatically stored in the cloud database through the network. Engineers will optimize these images in the background, and then optimize the data of each tray. Updated to the database in a month to increase the accuracy of the tray points. The longer the time, the higher the accuracy of the tray, up to 100%. (If the customer is not willing to update the database online, we can provide a USB flash drive offline update database) he device has collected and organized a very large database, stored in the cloud or in software. When the components used by the customer exist in the database, the material can be directly processed, and the data of the tray is not required to be built, and the efficiency is higher and the accuracy is higher. Why use an Auto Online Counters, not Traditional Manual SMD counter? Traditional Manual SMD counter       Auto Online Counters Worker quantity        6worker                           1 worker Reel counting time    80s                           12s Reel counting quantity       1800 reel                     1920 reel 1、Automatic x-ray SMD counter, which eliminates the need to unpack the bag and maintain the integrity of the roll without affecting the moisture resistance of the material. 2、Automatic x-ray SMD counter greatly reduces the inventory time, eliminating the need for extra manpower, and can assist other people to take over or change lines, shortening the time for line change. 3、Automatic x-ray SMD counter uses digital data to print barcode stickers or upload directly to the database. The traditional Manual SMD counter must have one operator per user, occupying a large space, and the result of the inventory is manually filled in, and it is possible to write a wrong or missed write. 4、Automatic x-ray SMD counter can greatly improve the shortage of material, material loss, material leakage, and material shortage, digitally manage material storage, reduce material inventory cost, and improve material inventory accuracy. 5、For Industry 4.0, the trend of SMT production line, and realize intelligent, less humanized and more efficient. Support the following tray materials: advanced image scattering algorithm – processing connected (high) chips, processing connected (high) chips, automatic feeding of full trays (moisture-proof bags), (automatic) point-distributing chips, accurate counting Overlapping chips, (automatic) the world’s first empty tray detection technology. Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station Last Article: Method for detecting electronic components quickly Next Article:x ray inspect PCB and SMT patch module TSI Mexico use Seamark x ray machine Persang Alloy Industries X ray 6600 for PCB Maybe you still are interested in: Solder paste printing defects and solutions in SMT chip processing process Advantages of X-ray SMD counter ...

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