Seamark ZM EeIE 2019 SMT exhibition


September 19, 2019


Joy Rong +8618779975930


Seamark ZM EeIE 2019 Join US EeIE 2019 The EeIE 2019 exhibition which will be held at 4th–6th November, 2019, in Shenzhen. Seamark ZM will showcase the machines including semi-automated & fully-automated IR BGA rework system, 2D & 2.5D off-line x-ray inspection machine, and Online& offline x-ray parts counter. Seamark ZM EeIE 2019 Exhibition BGA rework system: Seamark zm started to develop and sell BGA rework station since 2004, Now we are No.1 In China, Seamark zm’ Aim:Quality is the first, customer experience first. Besides, Seamark ZM own the first one Full Automatic BGA rework station around the world, Full control by PC, that is why Seamark ZM can be Top One. X-ray parts counter: For Industry 4.0, the trend of SMT production line, and realize intelligent, less humanized and more efficient. Seamark ZM has always focused on the product itself. The x ray SMT counter has been developed to the 3rd generation. It has no deformation, no area difference, can be recognized by the naked eye, the point precision is 99.99%, and the material model coverage is wider. The speed of Counting reaches 5-12 seconds/reel. X-ray inspection machine: While technological accomplishments in the electronics industry are constantly growing, the components in the electronics industry are constantly shrinking. These components may be small in size, but when defects occur, the problems are big. Digital X-ray and Computed Tomography offer a window into this tiny world, delivering insight into root causes of product failure that can lead then to great product success. And Quality is the core, this is the meaning of the X ray inspection machine, quality is the core of the company, the product quality is good, the end customer is the ultimate beneficiary, X ray machine sale hot in these year, Nice to know more and more companies pay Attention to Quality. If you’d like to schedule a meeting with us at the EeIE 2019, 4th–6th November, 2019, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center ( Baoan ), Booth 3Q181. please contact our Seamark ZM Sales team– Email, Whatstapp/Wechat/Tel: +8618779975930. Look forward to seeing you at EeIE 2019....

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Seamark ZM PCB BGA X-ray Inspection system Equipment -14 years experience in SMT field, Our experience will provide good solutions. X-Ray Inspection, BGA reworks tation,Full auto X ray SMD component machine

Shenzhen, China, China


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