Autonomous Driving - New systems to optimally apply potting media


October 17, 2019




There has been an increase in sealing and encapsulation applications mainly in the field of autonomous driving. Safety and assistance systems already make driving safer and more comfortable today. With increasing progress even more electronic systems will be added. The smooth functioning of computers, sensors, cameras, etc. - and thus our safety as road users - also depends on optimally applied potting media. These can be applied economically, quickly and with high quality in individual applications and are now mastered. With the changing mobility concepts, however, the prerequisites in manufacturing are changing. The requirements are often not fixed at the outset, but only develop during the course of the project. The aim here is to generate a flexible standard that enables attractive pricing and short delivery times. However, we are prepared for these developments: with our modular system consisting of scalable system modules. From this, individual processes can be taken and combined according to requirements. Our new LiquiPrep systems have recently become part of this modular system. They represent a further development of the proven A310 product family and enable reliable processing and conveying of self-levelling media. In addition to a significantly more intuitive operation, the LiquiPrep systems also offer higher performance thanks to a new, patented membrane pump and an optimized agitator. Image: Optimally applied sealants and casting materials form the basis for high quality and smooth functioning of the components. ...

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